China: Government censors exclude artists from Xinjiang Biennale

24 June 2014

Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan is one of 80 artists forced to withdraw from the 2014 Xinjiang Biennale held in the autonomous Chinese region of Xinjiang Uyghur. The artist had been invited to participate and submitted his project ‘Procedure Room’, which pictures police torture in the Ukraine on a set of decorative plates.


Nikita Kadan’s project was excluded from the 3rd Annual Xinjiang Biennale ‘New Art on the Silk Road’, where he had initially been invited to participate.

Nikita Kadan received an email from the organisers that his project had been rejected in the end, because a representative from the XinJiang government had found some “political issues” in the works.

According to the same source, 80 artists were rejected out of the 120 originally invited international artists.

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