Chile: Artists behind the audiovisual project harassed online

9 June 2020
Illumnation of the word "Hambre" on the building
Image: The visual project raising awareness on COVID-19 displayed on Torre Telefónica in Santiago / Delight Lab on Instagram


1May 2020:  Chilean artists who created an audiovisual studio, known as Delight Lab, were threatened and had their Instagram account hacked and deleted, reported Latin America Bureau 

According to LAB, removal of the account and threats relate to the visual projection on the Torre Telefónica tower. The visual installation followed the demonstrations held in Santiago on the essence of the need for help and work during the COVID-19 lockdown.  

By illuminating key slogans and words associated with the COVID-19 lockdown, the project aims to raise awareness on COVID-19 effects on the country.  

“Last Sunday, May 17, our Instagram account (main platform for the dissemination of our work) was hacked, preventing access. It was later deleted, so we had to create a new account,” Delight Lab said in their statement.  

Aside from the Instagram account removal, artists behind the Delight Lab, Octavio and Andrea Gana were receiving threats via social media channels. The threats came after the illumination othe word “Hambre” / “Hunger” on 18 May 2020.  In the statement, the artists said that they received “emails, personal messages, attacks and insults through social networks” and that even their private information, such as an address, have been shared online.  

Compartimos nuestra declaración pública ante las amenazas, insultos, hackeo y censura que hemos recibido estos días. Gracias a todos los que nos apoyan. Delight Lab Andrea Gana Octavio Oxicorte

Posted by Delight Lab on Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Delight Lab is an audiovisual lightning studio working in the field of culture for more than 11 years. Their artistic expression is usually focusing on social and environmental issues around the world.  

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