Cameroon: Young filmmaker threatened, abducted and disappeared

2 April 2013

Freemuse received news on 28 March 2013 that filmmaker Richard Fouofie Djimeli was abducted on 24 March in his house because of a film he has produced which is a homage to all those that lost their life trying to defend and assure the freedom of expression. Six of the film’s actors received death threats.


The young and critical Cameroonian filmmaker Richard Fouofie Djimeli was kidnapped by armed persons who broke into his house in the night between 23 and 24 March 2013, shortly after midnight.

The act is expected to have relation with several anonymous messages Richard Djimeli received in the days before, because of a new action film ‘139… Les derniers prédateurs’, which premiered in Douala on 10 March and in the capital Yaoundé on 13 March 2013.

About six messages were sent every day over three days to ten people who had been acting in or involved with the film, threatening them that they would be beheaded if the film was shown in public. “Prepare your coffin,” said one message. “You will be crushed.”

REDHAC, Reseau des Defenseurs des Droits Humains en Afrique Central, Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa, blamed the Cameroonian government for being involved with the disappearance of Djimeli. It launced an emergency appeal, ‘Appel Urgent’, to Cameroonian authorities, to the African Commission of Human and Peoples Rights and to the Security Council of the United Nations “to intervene urgently with the Cameroonian authorities to ensure the safety of Mr. Richard Fouofie Djimeli”.


Petition: Stop Death Threats Against Artists in Cameroon

“There is a huge concern for the safety of 7 Artists in Cameroon after they have been receiving death threats from an anonymous source due to the release of a movie called 139 Les Derniers Predateurs (The Last Predators).
The film maker, Mr FOUOFIE DJIMELI Richard, was kidnapped on the 23rd of March and he’s still missing.
Other 6 Artists, linked to this film, are still receiving death threats!
Talom Sidoine Boris (actor); Maryse Bonny (actor); André
Bang (Actor); Jacobin Yarro (actor); Alain Bomo Bomo (actor;) Meli Silvin (actor)
Let’s all make sure that those artists can live and work now AND in the future, without having to worry for their lives.”

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Articles in French language: – 26 March 2013:
139… les derniers prédateurs: Les acteurs interpellent les organismes compétents
Une conférence de presse a été organisée ce 26 mars à Yaoundé par le Collectif des acteurs de ce film, pour dénoncer l’enlèvement de Richard Djimeli Fouofié. By Jeannette Éliane Tchamgoué – 28 March 2013:
Cameroun, affaire enlèvement de l’étudiant: le réseau des droits humains écrit au gouvernement
Ils demandent la libération du cinéaste Richard Fouofie Djimeli enlevé le 24 mars dernier à Yaoundé.

Reseau des Defenseurs des Droits Humains en Afrique Central:
Appel Urgent

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