Burundi: Musician shot by police

5 January 2016


The Burundian singer and musician Pascal Treasury Nshimirimana was arrested and shot by police on 3 January 2016, according to BBC Afrique and RFI.

The 27-year-old singer, also known as Lisuba (also spelled: Lissouba), was arrested by the police in the morning and was later found dead in Musaga, a neighbourhood south of the capital Bujumbura, which is one of the strongholds of the protests against of the third presidential term of Pierre Nkurunziza.

The circumstances around his death are reportedly unclear.

Lisuba was picked up early in the morning in a white pick up. His friends and family members say that he was afraid of being arrested, especially of being taken to the SNR (secret service) locations. He therefore jumped out of the pick up and was shot in the back.

According to BBC Afrique some think he was killed for his participation in the demonstrations against the regime of Burundi. Others indicate he was killed for one of the very engaged songs by his band Amagaba. He had become known in particular for one song that is circulating on the social media.

Crisis in Burundi
Burundi has been rocked by violence since April 2015, following the announcement of the candidacy of Pierre Nkurunziza for a third term. Nkurunziza was reelected in July 2015 in an election boycotted by the opposition.

Since April, armed violence has intensified in Burundi including many cases of extrajudicial executions forcing more than 200,000 of Burundians to flee their country according to the UN.


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Un chanteur assassiné au Burundi

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Burundi: le chanteur «Lisuba» tué par la police à Musaga

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Burundi: the singer Lisuba has been killed
(English translation of the RFI article)

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Burundi: Polisi irakekwaho kwica Umuhanzi Lisuba

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