Burma/Myanmar: Greetings from Win Maw

14 December 2012

Opening the session ‘BURMA: BEAUTY UNDER PRESSURE’, moderator Frances Harrison introduced the Burmese musician Win Maw with these words:

“Burma, a country that is on the brink of change. But just how fragile that change is, is under evidence today, because of our third speaker, Win Maw. He has been denied a passport in order to attend this event. And there is quite a bit of unhappiness – this is the third time he has been denied an opportunity to travel abroad for events like this. (…) He will still be able to participate in spirit, but not in person.”



Please note: Win Maw’s contribution begins at 22:38 into the video.

This video clip contains a video greeting from Win Maw, as well as the song “Evil go away”, which Win Maw composed while he was in prison.

Frances Harrison quoted Win Maw as saying: “Every citizen has a responsibility to bring about democracy – guitarists too.”


Burma: Beauty under pressure Go to topInformation about this video clip
This video shows Session 1 on Day 1 of the conference ‘All that is Banned is desired’ held in Oslo, Norway, in October 2012.Speakers:
Zarganar, Comedian, Actor, and Film Director (Burma)
Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi, Poet and Filmmaker (Burma)
Win Maw, Musician and Composer (Burma) (via video-projection)Moderator:
Frances Harrison, Writer, Journalist and Broadcaster (UK)Conference website
To see the more sessions and interviews from the conference, please visit:
 Official Facebook page of the conference


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