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29 July 2013


The third section of Index on Censorship’s report, ‘Freedom of expression in transition’, is about artistic freedom of expression and censorship within literature, comedy, visual art, performance art, music, and film in Burma. The report is written by Mike Harris, head of advocacy at Index on Censorship, and was published in July 2013.

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Burma: Freedom of expression in transition


1. Politics and society
The role of the President Thein Sein and the USDP
External influence
Role of Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD
The judiciary
Ethnic conflict
Right to freedom of association & civil society
Freedom of assembly

2. Media freedom
The Press Council and the new press law
Existing impediments to media freedom
Media plurality
Broadcasting law

3. Artistic freedom of expression
Visual art
Performance art

4. Digital freedom of expression
Access issues, smartphones and mobile telephony
State censorship

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Irrawaddy – 29 October 2013:
Free of Censors, Burma Artists Bare All
Dozens of female nude paintings are on display in a three-day art exhibition, “S + Z II,” at Lokanat art gallery in Rangoon.

“With the absence of art censors, the artists say they had a chance to push boundaries.

“This is the first big exhibition that I have done to show my nude paintings locally,” Sandar Khaing said Monday at the downtown gallery on Pansodan Street. Her nude paintings were previously featured in a solo exhibition in the north Thai city of Chiang Mai in 2009.

A series of 51 of her paintings are on display now at the Lokanat exhibition, which opened on Sunday and closes Tuesday. Nine paper-cut figures by artist Zun Ei Phyu are also being shown.”

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