Belgium: Film festival closed after terrorist threats

23 January 2015


‘The Ramdam festival of disturbing films’ in the Belgian town Tourni has been closed after terrorist threats. After a court decision, Police sealed the area around the cinema complex Imagix for the entire duration of the festival.

“Since its foundation in 2011, the festival Ramdam has given word to pluralistic sensitivities and values advocating openness to the world, dialogue, tolerance, freedom and exchange. Its success with a growing audience and support of artists are testament of everybody’s commitment to freedom of expression,” said a press release from the organisers on the festival’s home page: “The court decision reinforces us more than ever in the desire to continue the work of the festival and hold our values high. The soul of the festival will be strengthened from this incident.”

The Swedish filmmaker Andreas Rocksén told the national Swedish radio SR that a film festival like Ramdam “tells important stories about what it means to be human, which now are not going to reach an audience. That the organisers in this way have been forced to close the festival is a great loss for freedom and for democracy.”

His documentary ‘Prisoners of the Dictatorship’ was supposed to have been screened three times at the festival. The festival was inaugurated on 22 January 2015 with a fiction film from New Zealand, ‘The Dark Horse’. The organisers describe Ramdam as a film festival that “dares to challenge”.

» Ramdam festival home page:

» B2C7 DUTCH / The Standard – 23 January 2015:
Ramdam Festival organizers want to continue in future

» Visit Tournai – festival programme;

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