Belarus: Trial of pro-opposition singer-songwriter

8 May 2012


Pro-opposition singers Igor Simbiryov and Dzmitryy Bartosik were arrested during an open-air performance near Minsk on 6 May 2012, the Belarusian news agency Belapan reported on 7 May 2012.

According to opposition activist Yuryy Hanchar, policemen brought the musicians and some spectators to a police station in the town of Zhdanovichy in Minsk Region.

“After they had their fingerprints taken and provided explanations, all of them but Simbiryov were released. As far as we know he was charged with disobedience to police officers and disorderly conduct,” Hanchar said.

A trial against the singer-writer was opened on 7 May and is scheduled to continue on 18 May 2012. Simbiryov stands accused only of using obscene language and behavior in a public place.


Igor Simbiryov

Source – 8 May 2012:

‘Trial of pro-opposition singer-songwriter begins in Minsk District Court’

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