Bahrain: Student and teachers charged with ‘insulting Islam’ over Qur’an song

9 March 2015


A Bahraini high school student and two teachers have been charged with “insulting Islam” after the boy sang verses from the Qur’an accompanied by musical instruments, the official BNA news agency reported on 11 March 2015.

The student is shown in the clip singing verses from Al Fatiha – The Opening – the first chapter in the Qur’an, while another student is playing the cello. The performance was part of a talent show organised by a private school.

The prosecutor Adnan Fakhro said authorities have questioned “the student who sang and the two teachers who trained him on the song and played music.”

The trio are being held pending further investigation.

Gulf News reported that in December 2014, Al Azhar’s High Authority for Islamic Studies had stated that singing Qur’anic verses with music was forbidden in Islamic jurisprudence. Al Azhar issued the statement in response to reports about an Indonesian opera company that sang Qur’anic verses with an orchestra.

“Singing the Qur’an to a tune is forbidden,” Al Azhar said. “Adding a music tune makes the Qur’an comparable to songs and reduces the capacity of the readers and listeners to understand the true meaning of the verses.”

» Middle East Online – 11 March 2015:
Bahrain charges student with ‘insulting Islam’ over Koran song

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Probe launched into musical Quran recitation
By Habib Toumi

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