Australia: Two radio DJs fired for playing offensive song

29 June 2017
On 4 June 2017, two Mount Gambier radio DJs received a text message from the station's board telling them their was being shut down for indecency.
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On 4 June 2017, two Mount Gambier radio DJs – Steve Jankowicz and Haydon Cox – received a text message from the South East Community Access Radio (SECAR) board telling them their 5GTR FM show, Jank n the Phatman, was being shut down because it breached “broadcasting standards and common decency”, reported The Advertiser on 6 June 2017.

The text came one week after the duo played the controversial 1989 song ‘Hump Music’ by No Face, which contains graphic sexual content in its lyrics as well as 29 instances of the word “fuck”. The song was banned from Australian airwaves upon its release.

“We’ve never had any complaints before in our one year on air together,” Jankowicz told the newspaper. “This was highly unprofessional and a kneejerk reaction to something very trivial. The station’s constitution says there is a process to go through, a three-strike policy. We’ve had no previous warnings.”

Jankowicz, who said the pair will appeal the decision, also noted that station management did not appreciate the support they gave over social media for three other show hosts that were fired earlier in the year.

The show was a Sunday late night show and the DJs gave regular warnings about language and lyrics. Jankowicz noted to ABC News that the late night slot meant they could have a more adult playlist.

“When we started we asked the question as to language and what we could get away with and we were told ‘after nine o’clock, it’s all yours’,” he told ABC.

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