Artist Alert: February 2014 | Article 19

14 March 2014

Newsletter from Article 19, published on on 14 March 2014:

Art, in any form, constitutes a key medium through which information and ideas are imparted and received. Artist Alert, launched by ARTICLE 19 in 2008, highlights cases of artists around the world whose right to freedom of expression has been curtailed and abused, and seeks to more effectively promote and defend freedom to create.


Content of ‘Artist Alert’ February 2014:

• Africa
Kenya: Wolf of Wall Street banned, vendors arrested
Cameroon: Imprisoned poet and activist publishes new collection

• Americas
Cuba: Punk musician’s trial delayed
USA: Chevron names satirical cartoon in countersuit against Ecuadorean plaintiffs

• Asia Pacific
Malaysia: Banglasia film banned
Malaysia: Finalists’ work removed before art prize ceremony
India: Doniger’s book on Hinduism recalled
New Zealand: American hip hop group denied visas
Australia: Artist charged for producing and possessing child pornography

• Europe & Central Asia
Uzbekistan: Artists’ work removed and censored in exhibition
Russia: Series of books under investigation for violating ‘gay propaganda’ law
Germany: Exhibition cancelled

• Middle East & North Africa
Egypt: Satirist returns to Egyptian TV
Iran: Rock band and spectators arrested
Tunisia: Illustrators launch campaign to free imprisoned cartoonist

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