Angola: Two rappers among group of protestors arrested

7 September 2011
Two rappers are among 24 youth activists who were put in detention for having called for democratic and economic reforms in anti-government protests on 3 September 2011.

The two rappers are Carbono (real name: Dionísio Casimiro) and Explosivo Mental (real name: Jeremias Aniceto).

Another rapper, Brigadeiro Mata Frakuzx, has been living in exile in Portugal for a few months after receiving death threats because of his political activities. He was one of the organisers of one of the first protests in March 2011 calling for reforms, inspired by the events in Egypt and Tunisia.

The rappers reportedly were part of a group of approximately 100 youths who protested in Independence Square in the capital Luanda, calling on President Jose Eduardo Dos Santo to step down after 32 years of rule.

Radio report
Word by word, this is what was reported in Luanda Radio Ecclesia in the programme ‘Hip Hop Hour’:

“At about 2 PM the group decided to head towards the Presidential Palace to demand the release of one of their members who had allegedly been kidnapped several hours before the protest. The police tried to stop them and this generated a small confusion, which according to our information, resulted in the injury, detention and assault that also included journalists. One of the protestors was rapper Carbono Casimiro, who is allegedly among those to have been detained.”


– arrested

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– exiled

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Al Jazeera – 4 September 2011:

‘Angolan youths arrested for staging rally’



If you wish to know more about music, censorship and politics in Angola, then you must also read this comment and analysis from 2004 by the Angolan journalist Rafael Marques – which features an interview with the then 22-year-old rapper MCK.

“Music has no place in the grand scheme
     of politics in Angola. Especially not rap…”

Pambazuka News – 26 February 2004:
‘When the people’s silence speaks’


Rafael Marques runs the website Maka Angola – dedicated to the struggle against corruption in Angola. 


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