Angola: Rapper MCK barred from leaving the country

26 November 2015


The Angolan immigration services have barred the rapper MCK from leaving Luanda’s International Airport. He was invited to perform at a rap festival in Brazil on 26 November 2015, reported Rafael Marques de Morais from Angola.

Immigration officials told MCK that they had ‘superior orders’ to prevent him from leaving the country, MCK told Rafael Marques de Morais who wrote the following report for Maka Angola:

“MCK has been an outstanding civic activist. In the last months, he has dedicated his shows to the liberation of the 15 political prisoners currently on trial. MCK has also been working to raise funds for their families.

One of the political prisoners, the rapper Luaty Beirão, has been featured in all of MCK’s albums. They performed the duet ‘The bullet pains’ in the most recent album ‘Proibido Ouvir Isso’ [‘Forbidden to Hear This’].

“They always promise us food
But only give us a beating
But they too spit bullets which is painful
The bullet is painful, the bullet is painful…
Words fitted with hidden explosives
Hope has been wounded”
Luaty Beirão and MCK

Being long-time critics of the authorities in power, MCK and Luaty Beirão, express in their lyrics such sentiments as “It was not Libya [Arab Spring of 2011] that inspired me / I am a product of your government / Revolted I am.”

“All those who think differently are being subjected to political persecution,” MCK was quoted as saying.

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