Angola: Rap artists attacked again by Angolan pro-government militias

24 May 2012


On 22 May 2012, 15 men armed with pistols, machetes and iron rods attacked a group of ten young people, among them the two rap artists Casimiro Carbono and Explosivo Mental. This was very similar to an incident on 9 March 2012, where a small group of young hip-hop artist had been attacked by 12 men dressed in black.

By Rafael Marques

Shortly after 10pm on 22 May 2012 the attackers who are believed to be attached to Angolan pro-government militias burst into the home of rap artist Casimiro Carbono in Luanda’s Nelito Soares neighbourhood, where ten youths had gathered.

With pistols in their hands, the attackers violently beat Gaspar Luamba, Américo Vaz, Mbanza Hamza, Tukayano Rosalino, Alexandre Dias dos Santos, Jang Nómada, Massilon Chindombe, Mabiala Kianda, and Explosivo Mental. Their host, Casimiro Carbono, avoided the attacks as he had gone outside a few moments earlier to take a telephone call.

The 25-year-old rapper Explosivo Mental (real name: Jeremias Manuel Augusto) tried to fight off the blows aimed at his head, and ended up with swollen arms, a broken finger on his right hand, and bruises all over his body.


Photo: courtesy of Central Angola 7311

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Central Angola 7311 – 23 May 2012:

‘Militias pro-Dos Santos attack young people in Luanda’


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