Algeria: Musician arrested for anti-elections posters

28 November 2019
Image: Algierians protesting / Omar-Malo on Flickr


On 14 November, musician Cherif Atmani was arrested in Tizi Ouzou for carrying posters calling for the rejection of the presidential elections, reported Observ Algerie.

The musician was appointed to print the posters created at the workshop for the upcoming Friday march. After his arrest, he was taken to the police station and later transferred to the central police station.[0]=68.ARBaEOJXoXni0oxeYD4YdS7rqerDYwPXGBCH_pBFY6Dms1otgTF1WD2cNzcKDdRaLwHR3-l1XVv5RFEE5tr1oxWWbP2Ot5JO31k0jSA3ObSTfdXpQ6g4pS9L_565UrUKVTRwxajKFnIRv8uJSKnYNmNb0eLs9OMD-NndoFCa81BahGc4qjHRZAtRbeILF1C2rVvenAQWDnfHyzVXHFS-hY1QOf5U1Jclq5rq_N5srpo8ln_-A9g2GNgEVlRWTt1WtBIIYsMxuirPZb8uz6RVBdWaHjHusGV30IzXwfgtIAPG4uQUServANEaZf_W9COCrFt0aBS7KSmkjzI2&__tn__=-R


Atmani is an activist in the group Le carré. The artist takes part in marches each Friday organised to demand the removal of the dominant hierarchy, to put an end to existing corruption and to disengage the military from politics. He also belongs to the Revolt Arts movement, where artists unite to promote a political struggle and rebel through artistic expressions.

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