Algeria: Moroccan songs banned from radio airwaves

2 September 2015

According to Morrocco World News and other sources, the Algerian news website Algerie Patriotique reported that local radio stations in July 2015 found in their headquarters a note from the General Directorate of National Radio that read:

“We’d like to bring to your attention that all the Moroccan songs are totally banned from air play.”

This new decision concerned regional and national radio stations. The Algerian Directorate of National Radio, however, did not specify the reason behind the decision. Multiple Algerian media reports speculated that such a decision stems from “the cold political and diplomatic ties” between the two countries.

Algerie Patriotique quoted a source as saying that this decision comes at a time after which several Algerian radio stations aired so many Moroccan songs that it “seemed like an intended promotion of Moroccan singers at the expense of Algerian artists.”

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