Afghanistan: Religious leaders stopped ‘immoral’ eid celebration concert

22 August 2012

An eid celebration concert by the popular young singer Shafiq Mureed was cancelled after local mullahs had labelled his music ‘immoral’, reported Freemuse’s regional network partners in Afghanistan.

The city of Herat is one of the most sophisticated and culturally active towns in Afghanistan. A call from religious leaders in Herat made authorities stop and ban Shafiq Mureed from going ahead with the preparations for his concert which was scheduled for 21 August 2012.

Shafiq Mureed said he would organise the concert at any cost if it had been relating only to himself. However, he said, thousands of supporters and local residents of Herat would be put at risk of a violent attack if he had carried out the concert.

After this act hundreds of Afghan youth, member of the civil society and intellectuals came out on the street of Herat to protest against this act of cultural repression and to say no to the return of dark days when music was banned in Afghanistan.

The cancellation was also widely condemned through Facebook and other social media sites.

Shafiq Mureed is one of the leading and most popular Afghan young singer who sings in both national languages, Pashto and Dari, composing his own songs and poems.

About Freemuse’s regional support networks
Two local support networks for musicians at risk were established during two workshops organised by Freemuse in Kabul and Islamabad in November 2011. The networks consist of local civil society networks, media organisations, lawyers, music institutions and cultural organisations.

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BBC News | Persian – 21 August 2012:

پس از اعتراض یک روحانی، کنسرت شفیق مرید درهرات لغو شد

BBC News | Persian – 21 August 2012:

گردهمایی اعتراضی در هرات علیه لغو کنسرتشفیق مرید

Tolo News – 21 August 2012:
‘Afghan Singer Cancels Concert in Herat After Mullahs Protest’

Khaama Press – 21 August 2012:
‘Religious clerics cancel Shafiq Mureed’s concert in Herat’


Shafiq Mureed

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