Afghanistan: Performance artist receives death threats

18 March 2015


27-year-old Kubra Khademi’s street performance stunt protesting against sexual harassment lasted less than 10 minutes, but pictures soon ricocheted around social media, drawing anger and death threats – genuine worries in a country where women have been murdered for working as news anchors, actors and singers. She has now gone into hiding.

“Her audience, almost entirely male, threw insults and stones, and quickly gathered into crowds. Most seem to have missed her point, leering at her throughout, with some trying to grope her from behind around the armour. “I didn’t feel anything, so it worked,” she points out wryly.

When she jumped into a friend’s waiting car to end the walk, men started attacking it, even jumping on top of it. Pictures and footage were online within minutes, as the audience had been a sea of mobile phones, and death threats followed soon after, warning Khademi that she was “a feminist activist who will be killed soon”.”

» Al Jazeera – 9 March 2015:
Afghan artist goes into hiding after protest

» The Guardian – 13 March 2015:
Afghan artist dons armour to counter men’s street harassment
Kubra Khademi’s eight-minute walk in Kabul wearing steel armour that emphasised her body shape inspires anger and death threats

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