Afghanistan: 22-year-old tv actress murdered

27 August 2012

On 20 August 2012, Benafsha, a 22-year-old tv actress, was stabbed to death as she was going to a bakery in the western part the capital Kabul. It was said that the roles Benafsha played in tv series were considered to be “against Islamic values and moralities”

Benafsha was killed right after she had participated in a show on Imroz TV. According to Kabul Press, police had arrested someone in District 6 of Kabul where the murder took place. The police chief claimed that the incident was a personal enmity which had nothing to do with Benafsha’s work in a television series. However, Kabul Press reported that people denied the police statement and believed the murder was a result of the growth of extremism in the country.


Kabul Press – 26 August 2012:
Sahar Parniyan lives in fear after a TV actress was murdered in Kabul
Sahar Parniyan the prominent Afghanistani Hazara actress said that she lives in fear after the suspicious murder of a TV actress in Kabul. By Mohammad Amin Wahidi


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