Afghan Children CD: ‘Alocha’

14 December 2005

Freemuse and Rebelle Records have supported the ever first production of a CD by and for Afghan children. It was recorded in Hamburg, where Hadia Rastagar and her German classmates sing 15 songs arranged by Farid Rastagar. The 15 songs CD has received massive coverage through Afghan and international media.

BBC had two programs regarding the CD, and has broadcasted two songs from the CD several times. Radio Free Europe had four programs (one presentation and three interviews), Afghanistan National TV and Radio had several programs, and also TOLU TV, ARIANA TV, Afghanistan World TV and IRAN TV (IPN) covered it.

The initiative to the CD was taken by Dr. Samay Hamed, founder of Afghan PEN and 2004 receiver of ICPJs Award. Dr. Samay Hamed has written the lyrics and composed songs for the album. 3,700 copies have been distributed to primary schools and libraries in Afghanistan through a network of 43 organisations.


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Video interview with Dr. Samay Hamed
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