Music Freedom Day

On 3 March, Music Freedom Day 2018 places the spotlight on women, LGBT and minority musicians to celebrate artistic freedom of expression and highlight the proliferating trend of silencing artists.

Music Freedom Day is a global celebration of the human right to freedom of musical expression, with artists and organizations worldwide coming together to defend artistic freedom. Since its initiation in 2007, Music Freedom Day has been celebrated in more than 30 countries.

For Music Freedom Day 2018, events include concerts, performances, panel discussions and workshops in Senegal, Kenya, Jordan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Italy and more.

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How can I get involved?

This year, we encourage people to celebrate Music Freedom Day by joining our social media campaign “Music Makes Me”.

To participate:

  1. complete the sentence “music makes me ________” on a piece of paper (download pdf here);
  2. upload a photo of you holding your message to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook;
  3. use the hashtag #MusicFreedomDay2018; and
  4. tag @freemuse98/@freemuse.98 to show your support for artistic freedom of expression and celebrate Music Freedom Day.


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 Listen to our 2018 Music Freedom Day – Voices of the Silenced playlist on Spotify

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