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Artistic Freedom Defenders are artists, activists, policymakers, organisations and allies who can connect and communicate their ideas about freedom of artistic expression.

Artistic Freedom Defenders:

  • Connect and take action on violations and policies.
  • Mobilise into action for awareness campaigns and advocacy actions.
  • Make sure artists are never silenced on FacebookTwitter and Instagram by sharing threatened artists’ art and stories.
  • Are automatically signed up for the Freemuse newsletter to stay up to date on key developments.
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Global Action Network – Campaign Coordinator

The Global Action Network is a long-term project designed to enhance collaboration between stakeholders in the field to better advocate for artistic freedom and assist artists, including those at risk by creating a campaign community. Join us to become a campaign coordinator where you can coordinate and execute campaigns, obtain firsthand information on campaign cases, organise events related to the campaign and so much more.

Become a Campaign Coordinator

Artistic Freedom Defender – Supporting Member

Artistic Freedom Defenders are added to a growing Network of artists, allies, Human Rights activists and professionals who stand together to defend and support the right to artistic freedom. This free membership could include joining viral social media campaigns, signing petitions to affect policy and take part in discussions regarding the state of artistic freedom globally. 

Become a Supporting Member

Artistic Freedom Defender – Paying Member

Further to being privy to the actions and opportunities listed for Supporting Members, paying members have the opportunity to write blogs for the Freemuse website, access to Mentorship Programs and the right to vote at the General Assembly, which is held every third year. Voting access also allows members to nominate the Executive Committee, thus playing a role in the work that Freemuse does. The annual membership fee is 15 Euros.

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Artistic Freedom Defender – Corporate Member

As an organisation interested in issues of artistic freedom and our work, you can become a paying member of our network as an entity, which allows you one (1) vote as an entity at the General Assembly, and can nominate members to the Executive Committee, thus playing a role in the work that Freemuse does. Further, Corporate Members can facilitate human rights training programs, host artist mentorship sessions, contribute to Freemuse’s artistic fellowships, sponsor artistic equipment and co-develop funding projects. The annual membership fee is 100 Euros.

Become a Corporate Member

You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting Freemuse (

Freemuse depends on our network to report incidents of artistic freedom violations, including persecuted and imprisoned artists, instances of censorship, legislation changes making it difficult for people to express themselves artistically, as well as positive incidents in societies that open up their artistic freedom views and laws.

Freemuse is also interested in publishing articles, academic papers or any other information regarding artistic freedom, and is always looking for good freelance journalists and writers to dive deeper into issues of artistic freedom around the world.

If you have an incident to report, some material you would like to submit, or are a freelance journalist/writer interested in contributing to Freemuse’s content, please contact Freemuse (

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