Global Action Network

There are many NGO’s, artists and activists that, in several capacities, support, campaign and advocate for artists’ freedom of artistic expression. Most of us are small and our resources for this important work is limited. Some work on a regional basis, others on a national or even local basis. What would strengthen our position is to connect and coordinate our work and efforts by exchanging information and combining our resources wherever possible.

In response to this, Freemuse has initiated the Global Action Network (GAN) to mobilise communities. organisations and groups to better defend artistic freedom.

We are sure that our overall efforts will have a greater impact and will contribute to stronger protection of artistic freedom of expression.

  • If you are an artist and want to know more about your artistic rights and how to promote them be part of the network.
  • If you are an NGO or cultural organisation interested in freedom of expression join the network.
  • If you are an activist and recognise the importance of artistic freedom and want to help defend artistic rights and campaign for artists at risk, be part of the network.


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