Signature song for Music Freedom Day 2007

6 February 2007


Press infoFreemuse invites journalists and medias to participate in the project on 3 March 2007:  Music Freedom Day 2007 – press info
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www.jasoncarter.netAbout the lyrics of ‘Navai’The lyrics of ‘Navai’ are written by Tabib Esfahani. In Persian, ‘Nava’ means ‘a beautiful voice’, maybe someone asking and calling it. And ‘Navai’ is a character who has a long story. The melody of ‘Navai’ belongs to the Khorasan region in Iran. Translation of the lyrics:

1st verse:

    • Sorrow lies deep in my heart,

as Leyli sits majestically on Mahmal(Mahmel is the seat that is used on camels in order to carry people. Leyli is Majnoon’s lover in Persian literature. This story has been used historically and symbolically in many forms in Persian literature. In this story there is a scene where Leyli is seated on the Mahmel, leaving Majnoon suddenly)
2nd verse:

    • Please do not break my heart
    • as it is like a wild bird
    • and it may fly away

and may not be able to return willingly
3rd verse:

(Majnoon says:)

    • “When you follow the Mahmel
    • try to move delicately

as dust may spread and tarnish the Mahmel”
(where Leyli is sitting, leaving)
4th verse:

    • As I follow the Mahmel
    • I cry out in despair
    • fearing that the camel

may wander through muddy plains
Translated by Marjan Vahdat

Music Freedom Day
Recorded for Freemuse and the Music Freedom Day, the emotional song ‘Navai’ features the Iranian singer Marjan Vahdat in a musical collaboration with the British guitarist Jason Carter. They first met and performed together at a Freemuse conference.

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As a woman, Marjan Vahdat is highly restricted in performing in public in her home country, Iran. She met guitarist Jason Carter at the third Freemuse World Conference in Istanbul in November 2006, and they decided to meet again in Germany. 

In January 2007 they recorded ‘Navai’ in a room with a stereo pair of Neumann microphones plugged into Jason’s Mac computer.

“The communication that Marjan and I have in music is quite special. We discovered this during those moments in Istanbul. We love ‘Navai’ because we can hear the communication between ourselves, like we are ‘breathing’ at the same time, in the same places,” explains Jason Carter.

“As this is the first collaboration, I think we see this as the beginning of something for both of us. I think it is a wonderful beginning. If we can communicate like this with so little history in performing together, then I think we really have something to say to people through music.”

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