Safe Havens: Malmö, 5-7 December 2018

5 December 2018

Safe Havens 2018

The Safe Havens 2018 conference, from 5-7 December in Malmö, Sweden, brought together artists, lawyers, activists, arts councils, culture departments, cultural organisations, artists’ residencies and artists-rights-defenders such as Artists at Risk, Freemuse, ICORN, PEN, Safemuse, Swisspeace, and others.

On 6 December 2018, Freemuse presented its new report on women and artistic freedom: Creativity Wronged: How women’s right to artistic freedom is denied and marginalised. The report highlights the inequality, exclusion and harassment of women artists and audiences around the world, as documented through five years of research.

And on 7 December 2018, Freemuse presented a special briefing on the state of artistic freedom in Europe, and share its successful advocacy story in putting artists and artistic freedom back on the new EU Agenda for Culture.

The 2018 Safe Havens conference is organised by the city of Malmö and under the stewardship of the national project The Museum of Movements in cooperation with the Swedish Arts Council, the Ministry of Culture, and the Region Skåne. It is one of the official events of the Swedish presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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