Ranagri track for Music Freedom Day

1 March 2013

‘Ranagri’ is a new project from four musicians in London who have recently come together to create some exciting new sounds. They just finished the track ‘The Rhythm Takes You Back’ a few days ago, and in an e-mail they told Freemuse that they have dedicated this track to Music Freedom Day. It is inspired by Eliza Marshall’s time in Cameroon.

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Ranagri describes themselves as “a band which is passionate about freedom of speech”, and many of their songs have a very strong political content. They have been recording at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios, and will be bringing an album out later this year.

If you are a radio producer who would like to play this music on air for a Music Freedom Day programme, please contact Freemuse, and we can e-mail you the song as an mp3-file.


The four members of Ranagri — Jean Kelly, Donal Rogers, Eliza Marshall and Tad Sargent — use a wealth of styles and experience, along with their longstanding love of folk music, to come together to form ‘Ranagri’.

Each of them also lead busy and varying musical lives separately. From performances in The Royal Albert Hall, broadcasts on Radio 3 and touring with Peter Gabriel to busy Trad Irish Sessions all over London.

They have appeared with medieval fusion groups, top London Orchestras including The Philharmonia and BBC Concert Orchestra, and as soloists on soundtracks with the likes of James Horner, Ennio Morricone and Hans Zimmer.

Further recordings for the BBC, ITV and for bands such as The White Stripes, The Divine Comedy and Radiohead are a regular part of their musical lives.


Consisting of flutes, whistles, harps, bodhrans, guitars, bouzoukis and vocals, Ranagri fuse Celtic folk with original song writing and vibrant instrumentals, along with influences from folk music worldwide.

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