MUSIC FREEDOM DAY – 3rd March 2020: Call for proposals

24 January 2020



MUSIC FREEDOM DAY – 3rd March 2020

Call for proposals

Do you think that art is not a crime? Do you consider that artists should be able to express themselves freely? Do you want to stand in solidarity against the threats and silencing of artists?

Then, Music Freedom Day is made for you!



Initiated in 2007 by Freemuse and held annually on 3 March, Music Freedom Day is a powerful global celebration of the human right to artistic expression. Furthermore, it is a day to highlight the role and impact of art in our societies. Every year, artists, individuals, broadcasters and organisations from 20 countries around the globe stand united to support persecuted, prosecuted and imprisoned artists, many of whose only crime has been that they have spoken up against authorities and insisted on the right to express themselves through their art.

The incredible amount of energy, enthusiasm and creativity channelled every year during this day demonstrates the will to continue the advocacy and defence for the universal rights to create, perform and take part in artistic expressions.



There are many different ways for you to take part in this international celebration day.

You can organise any type of event: a discussion, a workshop, a movie screening, a debate, an artistic performance, dedicate a song or make a statement during a performance, create a playlist of censored music, make a live performance on social media, spread the word about this event in the media and/or on your private blog, etc. The options to mark the day are manifold and limitless!


Everybody: all participants are welcomed!

Whether you are a professional or amateur artist, a band, a choir, a music promoter, a dancer, a journalist or blogger, a music fan: everyone can make a difference and show solidarity with artists around the world who suffer from censorship and repression.


Even if mobility restrictions do not directly target artists, they still suffer from it directly or indirectly. Artists and performers face numerous issues and barriers to participating in residencies, work, tour internationally, research and study in foreign countries. Yet mobility is crucial to artists and their careers. It enables them to reach a larger audience and network, experience cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, learn new skills and artistic techniques, stimulate their creativity, etc.

If art is a powerful tool to bridge different cultures and bring people together, how can artists play this key role in our societies if their freedom of movement is minimised? How can the arts and culture sector and audience benefit from cross-border artistic collaborations? How can creativity and innovative ideas impact the social and economic sector?

As a global advocacy event, Music Freedom Day offers a shared expression platform to artists, cultural operators and broadcasters from around the world to stand united and support this cause through local initiatives.


Music Freedom Day is an advocacy event for persecuted musicians. The various events around the planet are self-organised by artists, cultural operators/organisations and media operators. The role of Freemuse is primarily to provide coordination, inspiration, publicity. Freemuse will promote each MFD event on its website, social media accounts and in its international networks.


You can find inspirations from:

  • the MFD book that compiles 7 editions between the launching edition in 2007 and 2014
  • the MFD page on Freemuse website with all the information on the event
  • social media with the hashtags #MusicFreedomDay


If you are ready to speak up for artists’ human rights and freedom of expression, then send an e-mail to with a paragraph of around 300 words describing your proposal of event or activity before Monday 3 February 2020.

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