Music Freedom Day 2010: Messages from participants

3 March 2010

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Freemuse invites musicians and broadcasters to participate in a global event on the subject of music and censorship.

Let others know about your plans for 3 MarchThis page is for musicians, broadcasters, journalists and activists who plan to contribute to make Music Freedom Day a global awareness and advocacy event on 3 March

We invite you to write in the form below how you plan to take part in the event:

 Albert Reguant
Hola I am journalist of Barcelona, working in public catalan radio, I am member World Music Charts Europa, and also others organitation UER/EBU. Every year, in 3 th march, I collaboration in one special radio programma dedicated “the Freedom Day”. For your information I know the people of Freemuse. Please, is possible advance and send for me the promo of this new CD compilation “Listen to the Banned” in this week. Because I to usual record me programme radio in 10 days anticipated, and I think so is the best and practical for this special day programme, promo in radio this CD compilation. I hope your notices, me adresse is : Albert Reguant c/ Aragó 81, 6 – 2 08015 – Barcelona Catalunya (spain) Thank you very much. Albert Reguant – Director “Hidrogen” iCatfm (Catalunya Radio) – member World Music Charts Europe – Writing in spanish world music magazine “World 1 Music” – member World Music Workshop UER/EBU – member UER/EBU Folk & Traditional Music Group
Chris Wright will support Music Freedom Day with a home page mention starting March 1st. – great articles, recommendations, & radio. 15,000 worldwide visits a month. All profits support noncommercial music.
Helen Hahmann   helen.hahmann AT tinya dot org
On 3 March the community radiostation CORAX in Halle, Germany, will iniciate a 3 hour special programme on the occasion of the Music Freedom Day 2010. From 3:10 to 6 PM there will be transmitted interviews about music censorship in Iran, conversations about censorship in the german history and the dangerous situation of musicians in Mexico. We’ll have a look on literature that deals with music censorship today and in history and of course there’ll also be heard music from all around the world of musicians that are censored, jailed, exiled or even killed. The purpose of this three hour session is to open space for conversation between musicians and to rise consciousness for the topic in the german public. Music Freedom Day on Radio CORAX ( Wednesday, 3rd March 2010, from 3:10 till 6 pm Live stream:
Everlyn Kiwewesi
To mark the Music Freedom Day, the Norwegian radio programme Jungeltelegrafen on NRK P2 will make interviews with Lapiro de Mbanga and Tiken Jah Fakoly next week, two of the artists who are featured on the new Freemuse CD
Bobby Sanabria
The Multi-Grammy nominated Bobby Sanabria Big Band will be celebrating Music Freedom Day this Wednesday March 3 in NYC’s historic “El Barrio” (East Harlem) at the FB Lounge. This community is where Latin Jazz was born in 1939 when Machito & The Afro-Cubans fused jazz arranging technique with pure Afro-Cuban rhythm at the historic Park Palace Ballroom. Now the 19 piece Bobby Sanabria Big Band celebrates this unique form of American musical expression at NYC’s premiere club for the genre. The FB is located at the FB Lounge located at 172 E. 3rd st. between 3rd & Lexington Ave’s. Sets are at 7:30 & 9:30pm. $10, $5 w/ student I.D. or WBGO FM membership card Dinner reservations can be made by calling 212.348.3929 “Sanabria and his big band have ushered in an era of sophisticated urban folklore, setting a new standard…’ – Chico Alvarez, Latin Beat, WBAI FM “…(Mr. Sanabria) expands the possibilities, moving the sound of bands like that of (Puente, Machito), with all the heft and intricacy and clave-based dance rhythm, into the harmonically oriented sophistication of current New York jazz players. It’s New York up and down, and back and forth across the last century, from the street to the mambo palaces to the conservatories.” – Ben Ratliff, The NY Times “Mambo, rumba, merengue, bomba, samba, son, cha-cha-cha, they all have their own beats, and when they are combined by the Bobby Sanabria Big Band with jazz, rock, R&B, funk, world music and the blues, the results are guaranteed to be exciting and mind-blowing.” – Brad Walseth –
Hytham M. Hammer
There is a wide musical spectrum in the part of the ‘Turd’-World where I live – namely, Jordan… and it combines the elements of both anger, and sarcasm in young people’s musical feats. They’re modest, and very primitive concerning the very basic music-making building blocks, like sound-systems; engineering, electric musical instruments, and the whole works. Some musicians have ventured beyond their binding limits of lack of funding, popular backup, and interested record-labels. They are the brave few who want to make music, and iron out the wrinkles, by joining forces as say, university/college mates, or friends playing together, but that’s where the real setbacks start as these fledging bands never make it beyond the sole-album, or the one-hit wonders. The music vary from the clashtronic, to some interesting morphonics, tarab/tarabtronica, a thing called TaRap (blend of Tarab or traditional Arabic-music with erm, rap/hip-hop), ‘Tarabbean’ music, or Caribbean-tarab, Jazzal (Jazz and zajal, or spoken-word), and many other genres/sub-genres that oddtastically blends both the Eastern-style (based on a half-note), and the Western one, creating what’s refered to as ‘nashaz’: cacophony/atonality. This is so weird, and might scratch -figuratively and literally, a few sensitive Western ears/earballs, and ultimately drive these listeners who has a wider freedom than people here in the Mid-Rim region generally, and Jordan specifically. And the end-result? These musician never get their respected kodus, and are left to sink in the dust of aural-negligence. Sad truth is, that many bands in Lebanon have attracted the Eastixified Westerners, among them are performers and mainly party-DJs in addition to those with the much-needed cash that can support Lebanese bands. Jordan lies in the dark. Freedom for music is nothing that we really might need – us Jordanians, as there’s little or no bands that has anything to say against our strong, stratocratic goverment. In fact, these singers are going at loggerheads with other fellow ‘popular’ singers who sing what’s called here Watani, or wataniyat (patriotic, nationalistic songs that sing about the ruling family, Army, and famous cities in particular). These guys are nutbowls, because this is an attempt to piss against the wind: the watani-style is longer-established than whatever young’uns have taken to play in the last decade only. When the watani singer was already making it and having a great popular listenership in the country, these guys where still sticking boogers under school-desks. Sure there’s also the Jordanian majority who does not want to be told what to listen. This comes as no surprise to you, when you know that in every country (free or not), music is for the masses, to quote but an album’s title from Depeche Mode. You can’t change people’s minds, not to mention their tastes. And, believe it or not: kitsch is abundant in the Middle-East, you should call it the ‘Kitschucopia’ of the World. On the third of this month, March 2KX… these two would crash and no-one will come out a winner. T.B.C. Hythammer A Music Enthusiast. —;Abazar Hamid
After a hard struggling now we are able to celebrate Music Freedom Day in Cairo. Here is the story: Democratizing Music is a network of musician and activists which presents a concert of mine at TOWNHOUSE in 3rd of march. See
iCat FM
“HIDROGEN” s’uneix al Dia Internacional de la Música Censurada. Aquest diumenge, 28 de febrer, de 24.00 a 01.00h. Hidrogen dedica el seu espai al “Dia internacional de la Música Censurada”, diada que se celebra arreu del món aquest pròxim dimecres 3 de març, destinada a defensar el dret de la llibertat d’expressió en la música. Per aquest programa especial hem fet una selecció musical d’artistes de diverses èpoques que han patit o pateixen la censura de les seves obres, que s’han hagut d’exiliar, o que són (o han estat) víctimes del silenci dels mitjans d’informació als seus països respectius. A més l’Hidrogen dedica la primera hora, de 23.00 a 24.00 a fer un repàs dels millors discos que hem pogut escoltar durant el mes de febrer, i el “top ten” del programa. El programa esta realitzat i presentat per l’Albert Reguant. Emissió: Diumenge 28 de febrer de 2010, de 23’00 a 01 hores, i descarregable en qualsevol moment al web:
Czech Cellist Frantisek Brikcius Newsletter

INVITATION: Music Freedom Day 

 On Wednesday 3rd March 2010, you are invited, together with musicians and broadcasters world-wide, to focus on music censorship as part or the MUSIC FREEDOM DAY. An annual global event advocating freedom of musical expression initiated by FREEMUSE (Freedom of Musical Expression – The World Forum on Music and Censorship).

 Music and musicians have always generated enemies, who censored music (Stalin censored modern composers. Hitler banned all jazz music and music by Jewish composers. US media censored the country band Dixie Chicks, and the Taliban in Afghanistan still tries to stop all music whatsoever). Because of political (e.g. Belarus, Zimbabwe, China), religious (e.g. Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan), corporate (e.g. USA: Dixie Chicks, and more), gender (e.g. Iran, Afghanistan, and more) reasons. For more about actual cases and Music Freedom Day you can find on websites .
Ben Andrew
Hi, I run a show on Pratt Radio in Brooklyn USA, I’ll be mentioning the Day on March 3 when I have my show Okapi Sound System. Will try to air some songs and an interview from your site. I saw the request to notify you, the show is Wednesday at 10pm at Cheers! Ben


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