Music Freedom Day 2008: Messages from participants

18 March 2008

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 Freemuse invites musicians and broadcasters to participate in a global event on the subject of music and censorship.

Messages about activities on 3 March 2008On this page we have registered messages from musicians, broadcasters, journalists and activists who contributed to make Music Freedom Day a global awareness and advocacy event

2008-01-22 16:03:51
Rainbow Bridge

We are doing what we can to support your cause. We recently released our song called Banned and a supporting video with stills images that reflect rock censorship and we thought we add a few clips to support the work you do and hopefully draw attention to your cause. Our video did not capture the serious issues you deal with but we took a lighter tone as we felt it was far better to point our friends to your site for further education. We plan on promoting our song and your March 3 event over then next several weeks , and getting out the word to as many people as possible. . We are hoping to write a blog too soon on all that we found during our research, if possible we hope the band can do a show in India supporting your March 3. event. It has been a pleasure meeting you. Peace, Freedom and Respect…
Rainbow Bridge — Eva



2008-01-24 11:11:31
Evleen Zeidan
undecidedsoul () hotmail com

I found out about this day through a project I did in my Law 12 class about three weeks ago. My project was about music censorship. I have to admit that I have not been able to stope researching about the issue. To contribute I plan to coordinate a non-profit event that will be quite costly. My Goal is to grab the attention of those who may not have heard of the issue or thought that it wasn’t really an issue. My strategy is to place the event at th Vancouver Art Gallery, B.C. Canada and have several local artist perform. I Am looking for support being only the age of 18 this is my first even ever of this size that I have began coordinating. If there is any support specifically financially please notify me. It would mean the world to accomplish this. I believe it is a huge issue especially originating from a war torn country by the name of Lebanon. Take care and blessings to everyone who is doing something in light of this issue.


2008-02-20 09:48:22
Daniel Brown, Radio France International

The Music Freedom day will be feature of the week on, with extracts of the interviews Freemuse has done with artists. I will also have RFI’s English broadcasts use them for March 3rd. I will try to do a 20 minute World Track feature (or two) on how the day went this year, depending on which interviews can be done in Oslo.


2008-02-20 10:11:54
Helle Solvang, Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Danish national radio channel P1 will broadcast: ‘Sangens ytringsfrihed’ (‘Freedom of expression in singing’), a programme produced by Helle Solvang, on 18 February 2008 at 11:30 p

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