Maribor Theatre Festival, Slovenia: 15-28 October, 2018

18 October 2018

On 23 October 2018 Freemuse Executive Director Dr Srirak Plipat will be part of a symposium and round table entitled The Challenges of Artistic Freedom as part of the 53rd Maribor Theatre Festival in Maribor, Slovenia.

Speakers and guests will discuss current themes of evaluating and treating artistic freedom, mainly focusing on various forms of violations, including prosecution, violent attacks and censorship, which are also seeing an increase in Europe. Such violations also hit close to Slovenia and its arts community, including events involving Slovenian artists and Slovenian theatre tours abroad. Round-table discussions, informed by Freemuse’s The State of Artistic Freedom 2018 report, will focus on the challenges of the future and possible solutions and awareness of the basic norms of democracy, so clearly stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as in the constitutions and other legal documents of countries worldwide.

Among the speakers are Keynote Speaker Dr Darko Lukić, theatre scholar, playwright and novelist, tenured professor at Academy of Drama Arts University of Zagreb; Thomas Engel, Managing Director of the German Centre ITI and founding member of the ITI ACAR; Thomas Irmer, member of the German Centre ITI, scholar, critic and dramaturg, member of ITI ACAR; Tomasz Kireńczuk, dramaturgist, theatre critic, programmer and art projects curator, Programme Director of the Nowy Theatre in Krakow and Programme Director for the International Theatre Festival Dialog – Wrocław. The event will take place in English, chaired by Tatjana Ažman, dramaturge, head of the Slovenian Centre ITI and member of the Executive Council ITI Worldwide and Rok Andres, dramaturg and theatrologist.

The symposium and round table is co-organised by the Slovenian and German Centre ITI (International Theatre Institute), ITI ACAR (ITI Action Committee for Artists Rights) and Maribor Theatre Festival in the frame of 7oth Anniversary of ITI Worldwide.

The festival consists of several thematic programs, including Slovenian theatre performances in competition program and international program. Prizes are given for best artistic achievements, the most prestigious prize is the Borštnik Ring, awarded by a special jury to a deserving Slovenian actor for his/her life’s work. The festival has recently evolved into an international event: international symposia, and foreign guests, producers and performances are obvious signs that it is confronting European and global theater scene.

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