21 October 2016

Music Freedom Day’s was celebrated in more than 50 countries earlier this year. This was also the year celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Music Freedom Day. Once again, we would like to thank you all for your energy, dedication and support.

In a few months, on Friday 3 March 2017, Music Freedom Day will again highlight the ongoing need to fight against oppression and censorship and carry forward expressions of support of every person’s right to music and to freedom of artistic expression.

We hope that you will join Music Freedom Day in 2017.

As usual, we will be happy to provide input and letters of support.

Music Freedom Day must erupt from local experiences and matters that you feel are important to address. Freemuse has often suggested that participants could focus on a particular issue. In previous years we’ve for instance suggested focus on Mali, support for Pussy Riot, and Lapiro de Mbanga.

This year we would suggest as one of the possible focus areas to highlight the situation of women artists, who are particularly discriminated in many countries.

Music Freedom Day exists as long as you are organising concerts, events, radio programs, seminars, film screenings, etc.

For those of you considering taking part, this is also the time to start looking for local funding opportunities – embassies, development organisations, artists’ organisations, etc. So please send us an email about your ideas, questions or plans.


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