Italy: Music Freedom Day of debates, week-long radio campaign

28 February 2013

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Cinzia Martelli, Director of Hibrido Radio,, wrote:

Hibrido Radio participated in Music Freedom Day 2011 and 2012. This year we will do one day of debates and musicians and poets performances for the right to freely diffuse ideas, words, sounds and people in Bologna, Italy.

This year, poets also wanted to join Music Freedom Day. And of course Reda Zine will be with us.
I enclose the poster of the event that we’ve planned.

Cinzia Martelli
Director of Hibrido Radio

This is what Hibrido Radio has planned for Music Freedom Day:

1 – Testimonials about censorship by indepent atists from Brasil, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela and Italy (and more) will be put on air during the whole week from the 25 February to 3 March.

Hibrido’s leading radio show called Hibrido (in Spanish language) by Andres Moncada (Caracas, Venezuela) will present a special about the Music Freedom Day – it will be on air in during different time zones on Hibrido Radio,, and also on iTunes radio (category: International/World)

2 – Sunday 24 February on Radio Città Fujiko at 4 pm to 5.30 pm CET, Luca Gazzotti journalist of Bolobazza Live radio show will interview Hibrido Radio team and Bo Ground association about the debate and the performances that will be dedicated to Music Freedom Day during Saturday 2 March.

During the radio show Reda Zine will explain Freemuse project. Some Freemuse compilation songs will be on air and Italian songvriters who join Music Freedom Day will perform as show case. This radio show will be also streamed on Hibrido Radio from the 1-3 March.

3 – Bo Ground – musical association for local underground music – and Hibrido Radio – international association for the promotion of music – will join the initiative – and, together, will create one day of debates and concerts for the right to freely diffuse ideas, words, sounds and people.
The event is created in collaboration with Centro Katia Bertasi.

The debates will be videostreamed on the home page of Hibrido Radio

Saturday, 2 March

5 PM: Round Table with musicians, poets and musical operators on freedom of expression and censorship in the musical world.
9 PM: Performance of musicians and poets that are on the panel:

Alberto Masala (poet),
Andrea Gianessi (songwriter),
Antonietta Laterza (songwriter),
Babe (radio host),
Daniele Faraotti Band,
Davide Ferrari (poet),
Gabriele Xella (poet),
Luca Gazzotti (radio host),
“Malanova – Rosa cunta e canta”: Annalisa Cantaro (singer) & Rocco Casino Papia (guitarist),
Massimiliano Martines (poet),
Modi (musician),
Morse Code (band),
Nicola Bagnoli (musician),
Oderso Rubini (producer),
Paolo Buconi (musician),
Pierfrancesco Pacoda (journalist),
Pino de March (poet),
Reda Zine (artistic director Creative Commons),
Salvatore de Siena (musician),
Salvatore Panu (musician),
Serenella Gatti Linares (poet),
Tiziana Govoni (musician),
Vincenzo Bagnoli (poet).

• Coordinated and moderated by: Cinzia Martelli (Hibrido Radio) and Chiara Stefani (BO Ground)

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Radio Mukambo Special

Sunday 3 March, DJ Mukambo will be participating with a special Radio Mukambo (on Radio Hibrido and Groovalizacion Radio) full of music that fights for the rights of the oppressed.

Here is an appetizer:

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