Turkey: Ferhat Tunc

2 June 2000

The Kurdish-Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç was born in 1964 in Turkey’s most eastern region, Dersim.

His songs in Kurdish language have been censored in Turkey, and he has been taken to court numerous times, which is documented in the more than 65 news stories and interviews listed below:
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç’s prison sentence turned into speaking ban
A court turned Ferhat Tunç’s two years prison sentence for having promoted İbrahim Kaypakkaya into a three year ban on speaking about the same subject
20 December 2012
Freemuse: Manu Chao supports Freemuse campaign
“Freedom of expression is important to anyone and we must fight for it. I am supporting the work of Freemuse and I’m here to help,” says singer Manu Chao
28 August 2012
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç sentenced to two years in prison
A court in the eastern province of Malatya sentenced the Kurdish singer on terrorism related charges due to his invocation during a speech he held in 2011
27 June 2012
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç in court once again
Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç is the target of seven investigations and two trials due to speeches he held during his campaign for the general elections in June 2011
16 December 2011
Singer and politician Ferhat Tunç receives violence threats
A gendarmerie commander reportedly ordered village guards to “break Ferhat Tunç’s legs” as Ferhat Tunç was starting a tour in villages in Cemisgezek/Dersim area
11 May 2011
Turkey: New court case against Ferhat Tunç is ‘copy-pasted’
The Turkish courts appear to be ‘copy-pasting’ cases against the popular Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç, and the agenda is allegedly to intimidate and silence him
30 March 2011
Music Freedom Day: Meanwhile in Turkey, musicians are persecuted
Singer Ferhat Tunç wrote this article as a personal comment to the Music Freedom Day initiative, describing the current situation for more than a dozen musicians in his country
03 March 2011
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç receives 25 days prison sentence
The Kurdish-Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç was sentenced to 25 days in prison for a speech he made during a concert in 2006
27 January 2011
Press release: Ferhat Tunç receives 25 days prison sentence
The Kurdish-Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç was sentenced to 25 days in prison for a speech he made during a concert in 2006
27 January 2011
Turkey: Supreme Court re-opens case against Ferhat Tunç
Going to court is becoming a repeatative nightmare for the Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç
04 January 2011
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç on trial again
Singer Ferhat Tunç was first acquitted, but then Chamber 9 of the Appeal Court rejected the decision, and Tunç will now be tried again.
31 December 2010
Radio Without Borders: Listen to the Banned
Here on Earth – Radio Without Borders, a one-hour live programme on Wisconsin Public Radio broadcasted a special feature programme about the album ‘Listen to the banned’
10 November 2010
Turkey: Ferhat Tunc acquitted and immediately charged again
One day after the court in Diyabarkir acquitted Ferhat Tunç the Istanbul police turned up at his home today to inform the singer that he will be charged in two new cases
05 November 2010
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç acquitted
Freemuse Award winner, Ferhat Tunç was acquitted this morning from the Diyarbarkir Criminal Court in Turkey
04 November 2010
Songlines review of Freemuse CD: ‘It is Top of the World’
Songlines, an influential UK-based world music magazine, has chosen the CD ‘Listen to the banned’ as Top of the World in their August 2010 issue
11 August 2010
Turkey: Date of next hearing set in Ferhat Tunç’s case
The date for the next hearing in the case against musician and Freemuse Award winner Ferhat Tunç has been set to 30 September 2010
04 August 2010
Freemuse appeals to Turkish Prime Minister: Dismiss Ferhat Tunç’s case
Artists, human rights activists and scholars join Freemuse in an appeal to the Turkish government for the dismissal of the latest court case against Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç
24 June 2010
Turkey: Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunc faces 15 years in prison
Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç faces imprisonment of up to 15 years regarding charges of “spreading propaganda for the PKK organisation”, the militant Kurdistan Workers’ Party
26 May 2010
Turkey: Kurdish music in turmoil of censorship and court cases
A Kurdish song has been banned, and Kurdish singers are being arrested for singing – or just singing along to – specific Kurdish songs, accused of making propaganda
19 May 2010
Turkey: A new investigation against musician Ferhat Tunç
Ferhat Tunç made a formal deposition at a Public Prosecution Office due to an investigation filed against him about a speech he made at a music festival in 2009.
16 April 2010
Freemuse Award 2010: Winners honoured in London
The joint winners of the Freemuse Award 2010, Mahsa Vahdat and Ferhat Tunç, gave a short and impressive performance at the award ceremony in London
29 March 2010
Press release: Freemuse Award winners 2010: Mahsa Vahdat and Ferhat Tunç
Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat and Turkish-Kurdish singer and activist Ferhat Tunç are the 2010 Freemuse Award Winners. They receive the award at a ceremony in London
22 March 2010
Freemuse Award winners 2010: Mahsa Vahdat and Ferhat Tunç
Award ceremony held in London on 25 March 2010 in collaboration with Index on Censorship
22 March 2010
CD: Listen to the banned
Compiled by the artist Deeyah and Freemuse, this CD compilation album is published on 3 March 2010 by Norway’s most successful music label, Grappa Records
15 March 2010
Facts about the CD ‘Listen to the banned’
Track list, cover photo for download, and general information about the Freemuse CD ‘Listen to the banned’, published in March 2010
03 March 2010
Press release: New Freemuse CD: Listen to the banned
The new Freemuse CD ‘Listen to the banned’ is a unique collection of 14 contemporary songs by artists who have been censored
24 February 2010
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç sang at large rally for Alevi rights
Ferhat Tunç was one of the artists who performed in Istanbul on 8 November 2009 in front of 200,000 people protesting for the rights of a religious minority
09 November 2009
Turkey: Pop star both condemned and praised for political statement
A statement in favour of a new plan on how the Turkish government should approach the Kurdish issue turned fans of the popular Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu up against her
14 September 2009
Ferhat Tunç
Video interview with singer and musician Ferhat Tunç from Turkey who speaks about his personal experiences with music censorship
19 August 2009
Video-interview med den tyrkisk-kurdiske sanger Ferhat Tunç
Sanger og musiker Ferhat Tunç fortæller om sine personlige erfaringer med musikcensur og den retsforfølgelse, som han udsættes for i Tyrkiet
10 August 2009
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tunç in his seventh court case
Police brutality against the Kurdish-Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç lead to a court case – not against the police, but against the singer
14 July 2009
USA: Censored musicians spoke at Duke University
In its human rights series, Duke University in North Carolina, USA, presented two censored musicians and highlighted freedom of musical expression
25 March 2009
How Music Freedom Day 2009 was observed in Stockholm
Two seminars and concert in Stockholm on 3 March 2009 became a beautiful, yet serious and powerful manifestation for musicians’ human rights
04 March 2009
Human Rights for Musicians – Impressions & Descriptions: Ferhat Tunç
Testimonial by Ferhat Tunc in the anniversary publication ‘Human Rights for Musicians – Ten Years With Freemuse’
30 January 2009
Human Rights for Musicians – Ferhat Tunç acquitted • Jens-Peter Bonde
Article by Jens-Peter Bonde who is president of EU Democrats and was Danish member of the European Parliament from 1979 to 2008
30 January 2009
USA / UK: Norwegian singer Deeyah wins Freedom Award
Deeyah, an exiled Norwegian singer and activist, was awarded with ArtVenture’s ‘Freedom to Create Prize’ at a ceremony in London on 26 November 2008
27 November 2008
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tunç’s trial postponed again
On 28 May 2008 Ferhat Tunç stood trial over an article he wrote. But once again, the trial was postponed
29 May 2008
Turkey / Germany: Panel debate about Turkish censorship
On 4 April 2008, protest singer Ferhat Tunç performed with his Kurdish songs and discussed music censorship in Berlin, Germany
08 April 2008
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tunç’s next trial postponed
A Turkish court decided to postpone the next trial of the Turkish-Kurdish singer with five months, until May 2008
17 December 2007
Turkey: Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç threatened in the virtual world
Singer Ferhat Tunç has never felt as unsafe in Turkey as he does now. Death threats against him are published on the internet, and he faces yet another court case
01 November 2007
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tunç acquitted
The Turkish-Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunc could leave Izmir High Criminal Court as a free man on 4 October 2007. The Freemuse delegation succeeded it’s mission
04 October 2007
Turkey: EU Commission to observe Tunç Trial
Senior Political Advisor Ms Selma Kiliçer from the EU Commission office in Ankara will observe the trial against Ferhat Tunç – and thus join the Freemuse delegation
03 October 2007
Ferhat Tunç campaign 2007
International campaign in support of musician on trial for remarks on Kurdish issue. Freemuse request the Turkish State to drop its case against singer Ferhat Tunç
02 October 2007
Freemuse Press Statement: Drop the cases against Ferhat Tunç
Freemuse Press Statement requesting immediate dismissal of all cases against Mr. Ferhat Tunç
01 October 2007
Ferhat Tunç aleyhindeki davalar düşürülsün
(Ferhat Tunç Freemuse press statement in Turkish language)
01 October 2007
Turkey: Delegation in support of Ferhat Tunç
EU-politician and famous Danish musician join Freemuse delegation, travelling to attend the court case in Turkey against Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç on 4 October 2007
27 September 2007
Press release: EU-MP joins Freemuse at Tunc court case in Izmir
This Freemuse press release was sent via e-mail to 312 journalists and media houses world-wide on Thursday 27 September 2007 at 16:11 GMT
27 September 2007
Turkey: A personal letter from musician Ferhat Tunç
A personal letter from Kurdish-Turkish musician Ferhat Tunç who was appointed a ‘Freemuse ambassador’ in September 2007, about his relationship with the organisation
25 September 2007
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç continues his struggle
Despite death threats and continuous court cases, Turkish singer and writer Ferhat Tunç continues to critisise the Turkish court system and the government
25 June 2007
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tunç informed about death threat with two months delay
“It is us who have killed Hırant Dink. Now it’s time to kill Ferhat Tunç,” read an e-mail delivered to Turkish Police on 24 January 2007 – right after the assassination of Hırant Dink
10 April 2007
Turkey: One more judicial inquiry against singer Ferhat Tunç
Another “judicial inquiry” has been opened against Ferhat Tunç, because of what he said at a concert organised by a political party on 22 July 2006 in Alanya
19 January 2007
Ferhat Tunç: speech – November 2006
Video of speech by Kurdish-Turkish musician and composer Ferhat Tunç, held in Istanbul in November 2006 at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference
15 January 2007
Stephan Smith-Said
Video interview with the American musician and political activist Stephan Smith-Said (and others) about the importance of music and of fighting music censorship
06 December 2006
Speakers of the 3rd Freemuse World Conference
Speakers at 3rd Freemuse World Conference in Istanbul – 25-26 November 2006
05 December 2006
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç’s case sent to higher court
At a criminal court hearing on 15 September 2006, musician Ferhat Tunç who might face up to three years in prison, had his case sent to a higher court.
17 September 2006
Ferhat Tunc meets Danish MP’s
Kurdish singer met leading parliamentarians and high level representatives from Amnesty, Pen and Danish Arts organizations in Copenhagen.
01 February 2006
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tunç receives death threats
“I regret to say that something I did for humanitarian purposes to save someone’s life was turned into a lynching campaign against me”
09 January 2006
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç appeared in court
The trial of artist Ferhat Tunç for an article he wrote in Özgür Gündem newspaper is adjourned to 31 May 2006
30 December 2005
Turkey: ‘Censorship – the Turkish way’
These original documents reveal the methods of official Turkish censorship
06 December 2005
Ferhat Tunç campaign 2005
International campaign: Freemuse and musicians world-wide request the Turkish State to drop its case against singer Ferhat Tunç
06 December 2005
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç case postponed
Ferhat Tunç’s hearing on the 2nd of December is postponed to 9th of March 2005, for the purpose of gathering additional documents
08 December 2004
Turkey: Ferhat Tunç again to appear before court
Ferhat Tunç will be tried due to article 159 of the (former Turkish Penal Code) because of using the phrase “deep judiciary” in an article he wrote. The first hearing will be held on December 2nd, 2004. Proposed sentence is imprisonment of 1 to 3 years
20 October 2004
Meet the banned! Freemuse conference abstract (WOMEX 2004)
Read abstract from the Freemuse conference session at WOMEX 2004, featuring Ferhat Tunc
19 October 2004
Meet the banned! Freemuse conference abstract (WOMEX 2004)
Read abstract from the Freemuse conference session at WOMEX 2004, featuring Ferhat Tunc
19 October 2004
WOMEX 2004
This year Freemuse presented two conference sessions: “Meet the banned! Music censorship in Turkey” featured Turkish musician Ferhat Tunç, while “9/11 – The world’s all out of tune” presented a new book on freedom of musical expression after 9/11
19 October 2004
Turkey: Testimony – the trials and arrests of Ferhat Tunç
“1986: Arrested for political reasons. One week of interrogations, degradations and torture in the notorious prison camp DAL.” Read the personal testimony of Turkish singer and human rights activist Ferhat Tunç
19 October 2004
Freedom of Expression Awards 2004
The Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards 2004 took place on 22 March. The Music Award went to Daniel Barenboim & Edward Said. The other nominees were Gorki Luis Águila Carrasco (Cuba), Junoon (Pakistan), and Ferhat Tunc (Turkey)
24 March 2004
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tunç arrested
Singer and human rights activist Ferhat Tunç, jailed for alleged separatist incitement, said that he still faces charges even though he was earlier released from jail.
17 July 2003
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