Create | 2030: UNESCO Paris, 11-14 December 2018

13 December 2018


Srirak spoke on behalf of civil society organisations to the 12th Intergovernmental Committee of the 2005 Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions at UNESCO headquarters in Paris on 11 December 2018.

He called on the IGC to: 
1. Prioritise the safety of artists and audiences, as attacks on artists and artistic freedom continue to rise.
2. Urge state parties to use legal and policy measures to protect women, LGBTI and minority artists from attacks and violations of artistic freedom. 
3. Publicly recognise artists as human rights defenders and coordinate protection with existing international protection mechanisms.

The session, from 11-14 December, included Create | 2030– a series of talks with artists, academics, policy makers and entrepreneurs from around the world to discuss how investments in creativity can have a direct impact on achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Check out the full program here.

A short film “What is artistic freedom to you?”, based on interviews made in Norway, Senegal and Indonesia, was presented during a public debate on artistic freedom on Thursday 13 December.

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