Call for proposals: 2021 Music Freedom Day partner

8 February 2021


The 2021 Music Freedom Day (MFD) theme is Imagine A Pandemic Without Art and is aimed to raise awareness of the challenges faced by artists and performers during the COVID-19 pandemic but also to not let us take art for granted.

“I am pleased to see good old friends coming together to celebrate music and all forms of arts. We encourage our friends to explore the path of combining art and activism. This year we are excited to turn our celebration into a longer-term engagement through a Global Action Network,” said Dr Srirak Plipat, Executive Director of Freemuse.

Whilst art nourishes us and gives us strength during such difficult times, artists around the globe are also the ones particularly vulnerable to economic shocks, such as those created by the COVID-19 pandemic. With no opportunities or strong restrictions to create and perform their art, artists are not able to sustain their living from their art.

Initiated in 2007, Music Freedom Day (MFD) is a global celebration of the human right to freedom of musical expression. On this day, artists, and organisations worldwide come together to celebrate art and to defend artistic freedom by organising concerts, performances, panel discussions, and workshops. We have a small amount of start-up grant for selected initiatives.

Humanity is currently witnessing a great pandemic. For people, the lockdown resulted in an urge to find ways how to find hope, inspiration, and joy from art and how to entertain themselves. Art became a way for societies to not only entertain themselves but also to channel their emotions and cope with the uncertainty.

Freemuse is, therefore, once again spreading joy and promoting and emphasising the importance of art and artistic freedom through their annual celebration of MFD.

MFD activities could include a discussion, workshop, movie screening, debate, artistic performance, song composition, a playlist of censored music or social media live performance. The format is open.

How to apply

Interested applicants should send a proposal of about 200 words describing the event or activity to Freemuse at no later than 15 February.


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