An opportunity to focus on artistic freedom and censorship

3 February 2014

Music Freedom Day on 3 March 2014 provides an opportunity to show solidarity with artists all over the world. It provides an opportunity to focus on artistic freedom and censorship locally and globally.

We hope that you will once again be part of this annual event.

Let us just mention a few examples of why it is important to continue addressing this issue.

In 2013 we reported:

    10 musicians executed in North Korea.
    1 musician killed in Greece by Neo-Nazis
    9 musicians imprisoned in Tibet
    2 rappers imprisoned in Tunisia

Thousands of other musicians’ and composers’ rights to freedom of expression continue to be violated worldwide.

Freemuse is currently running a campaign for the release of imprisoned musicians in Tibet and Vietnam, but let us not forget how musicians in Syria and Sudan continue to experience harsh censorship, attacks and persecution.

Let us not forget that many musicians in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mali live in fear of attacks, or how Neo-Nazis in Europe are committing hate crimes.

You can organise a concert or a seminar, produce a radio feature, show a film, write an article or just dedicate a song to Music Freedom Day. It all adds up.

So far we have indications of Music Freedom Day plans from Cairo, Harare, Budapest, New York, Peshawar, and Stockholm.

Are you joining us?

Drop us an e-mail:, – to let us know about your plans.


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