3 March is ‘Music Freedom Day 2007’

27 April 2007

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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC: One week of dedicated programming, called Censor-This!, involving 17 programmes and including a one hour music documentary, from 18-24 February 2007, and then repeating the music documentary on 3 March for Music Freedom Day. Read more on:
Radio Canada’s Espace Musique: (quoting host Dan Behrman) “keeps talking about it before and after 3 March”.
British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC in UK: Radio 3 runs a radio report by Songlines editor Simon Broughton on 3 March. The BBC Radio 3 programme World Routes includes an interview with Freemuse director Marie Korpe and reports on Turkey, Belarus and Zimbabwe. The programme can be heard online, where the Freemuse item starts at 35 minutes in. Music Freedom day also comes up in the following item with oud player Adel Salameh:
Simon Broughton is guest in the programme ‘Today’ for the morning of Saturday 3 March. (The programme ‘Today’ is the most important radio programme there is in the United Kingdom. It’s where the politicians are interviewed and where the news agenda is set.)
Simon Broughton says: “The discussion in ‘Today’ will include some general music censorship issues and then current areas of concern. I will probably talk about Belarus and Zimbabwe.”
Daily Times Pakistan, FM 101, a country-wide public sector radio channel: Journalist and broadcaster Ahmed Raza looks into how they can contribute to and support the initiative.
Uruk Media International Organization and Iraqi National News Agency: Wessam K. Hussain has informed Freemuse that they “are ready to participate in this global day for the fredom of music”.
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation: prepares a day of specific programming for 3 March. S

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Saturday 3 March is ‘Music Freedom Day 2007’. On this day, and during the week leading up to it, magazines, radio stations and tv broadcasters world-wide will focus on music censorship

It is not a campaign for free downloading of music – it is about advocating that everyone should be free to express oneself through music. Annually, the first Saturday in March, is announced by the international organisation Freemuse to be the ‘Music Freedom Day’ of the year. “It is a day which can serve as a focus point for the media – an occasion to take a closer look at the subject of banned music, and the lives of blacklisted musicians,” explains executive director of Freemuse, Marie Korpe.

This year, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has dedicated one week of programming, involving 17 programmes, and on the day, 3 March, will broadcast a music documentary called Censor-This!. Another Canadian radio station is involved in the project as well, as are national and local radio stations in Norway, Denmark, England, Pakistan and Iraq.

On the internet, the international music magazine MondoMix is preparing a site devoted to music & censorship leading up to 3 March, and on print, magazines such as Songlines from United Kingdom and Djembe from Denmark are publishing articles and editorials which address music censorship in their February-March issues.

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Listen to the signature song for the Music Freedom Day 2007

Media coverage of Music Freedom Day
– articles about or inspired by the event

Index on Censorship – 3 March 2007:

‘Let the music play’

Aftenposten, Norway – 3 March 2007:

‘Musikksensur i Guds navn’ (‘Music censorship in God’s name’)

World Music Central – 2 March 2007:

‘Thoughts About Censorship for Music Freedom Day 2007’

Afropop Worldwide – 1 March 2007:

‘Radio Around the World focuses this March on Music and Human Rights’

Daily News & Analysis, DNA India – 28 February 2007:

‘Censoring the censors’

Zimbabwe Standard – 25 February 2007:

‘Zimbabwe: ZBH Snubs Music Day and Maintains Censorship’

World Music Central – 3 February 2007:

‘On Saturday 3 March 2007 Radio and TV Broadcasters Worldwide Will Focus on Music Censorship’

International Freedom of Expression Exchange, IFEX – 30 January 2007:

‘Media Invited to Highlight Music and Censorship’


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