Music Freedom Day: 3 March 2019

15 January 2019

Music Freedom Day is an annual, global celebration of the human right to musical expression, with artists and organisations uniting to support musicians who simply insist on their right to express themselves. The sad reality is, censorship, persecution, prosecution and imprisonment rob many of these artists of this basic human …

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Create | 2030: UNESCO Paris, 11-14 December 2018

13 December 2018

  Srirak spoke on behalf of civil society organisations to the 12th Intergovernmental Committee of the 2005 Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions at UNESCO headquarters in Paris on 11 December 2018. He called on the IGC to:  1. Prioritise the safety of artists and …

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Safe Havens: Malmö, 5-7 December 2018

5 December 2018

Safe Havens 2018

The Safe Havens 2018 conference, from 5-7 December in Malmö, Sweden, brought together artists, lawyers, activists, arts councils, culture departments, cultural organisations, artists’ residencies and artists-rights-defenders such as Artists at Risk, Freemuse, ICORN, PEN, Safemuse, Swisspeace, and others. On 6 December 2018, Freemuse presented its new report on women and artistic freedom: Creativity …

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STL annual conference: Oslo, 4 December 2018

4 December 2018

  On 4 December 2018, Freemuse attended The Council of Religious and Life Stance Communities in Norway (STL) annual conference in Oslo, Norway. UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights Professor Karima Bennoune gave the keynote speech, addressing the cultural rights approach to the universality of human rights …

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Freemuse report on women and artistic freedom: Copenhagen, 29 November 2018

29 November 2018

Creativity Wronged

In collaboration with Yildiz Akdogan MP and KVINFO, Freemuse launched its new report on women and artistic freedom: Creativity Wronged: How women’s right to artistic freedom is denied and marginalised at the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen on 29 November 2018.  The first-of-its-kind, 100-page report highlights the inequality, exclusion and harassment of women …

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Maribor Theatre Festival, Slovenia: 15-28 October, 2018

18 October 2018

On 23 October 2018 Freemuse Executive Director Dr Srirak Plipat will be part of a symposium and round table entitled The Challenges of Artistic Freedom as part of the 53rd Maribor Theatre Festival in Maribor, Slovenia. Speakers and guests will discuss current themes of evaluating and treating artistic freedom, mainly focusing on …

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Drop charges against musician Ferhat Tunç in Turkey

27 September 2018

Ferhat Tunç is being prosecuted for his peaceful expression … again. Your actions are important and can make a difference in Ferhat’s life and the lives of others like him in Turkey. Stand in solidarity with these artists and demand that Turkey drop all the charges against Ferhat Tunç. Ferhat is now having to defend himself in an appeal of the recent ruling and two other pending cases against him. Together, the charges of all three amount to more than 13 years imprisonment.

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Fundamental Rights Forum: Vienna, 25-27 September 2018

7 September 2018

Fundamental Rights Forum

The Fundamental Rights Forum will bring together leading European and global agents for change from diverse walks of life, including high-level representatives of all major international and regional human rights organisations. Many hail from areas not normally found in traditional human rights events such as the world of arts, sports and business. …

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