Turkey abuse laws to punish artists challenging authorities

20 June 2014

Law suits, arrests, threats and banning orders, these are all dangers that artists in Turkey who touch on sensitive issues face today. This is pointed out by the UPR submission that Freemuse, Siyah Bant and the Initiative for Freedom of Expression has forwarded to the UN. The Turkish Anti Terror …

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Turkey: Ferhat Tunc joins Freemuse at conference in Sweden

10 February 2014

The Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç will join Freemuse Director Ole Reitov on 12 February 2014 at an international conference ‘Freedom of Speech – Perspectives and Initiatives’ in Uppsala, Sweden. Ferhat Tunç, a Freemuse Award winner, has faced dozens of court cases in Turkey. He is considered one of the most …

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Turkey: Ferhat Tunc’s prison sentence turned into speaking ban

20 December 2012

On 27 June 2012, Dersim Malatya Third High Criminal Court sentenced singer Ferhat Tunç to two years in prison for having promoted İbrahim Kaypakkaya in a speech he held on 1 May 2011. According to new legal rearrangements, the sentence has now been turned into a three year ban on …

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Freemuse: Manu Chao supports Freemuse campaign

28 August 2012

  “Freedom of expression is important to anyone and we must fight for it. I am supporting the work of Freemuse and I’m here to help,” says singer Manu Chao in a comment to the current Freemuse campaigns for persecuted and imprisoned musicians and composers worldwide. Headlining the Mela Festival …

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Turkey: Ferhat Tunc sentenced to two years in prison

27 June 2012

A court in the eastern province of Malatya sentenced Kurdish singer and composer Ferhat Tunç to two years in prison on terrorism related charges due to his invocation during a speech in 2011 where he mentioned names of three deceased Turkish leftists, reported BIA News Center on 27 June 2012. …

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Turkey: Ferhat Tunç in court once again

15 December 2011

Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç is the target of seven investigations and two trials at the moment. This time it isn’t because of his music, but due to the speeches he held during his campaign for the general elections in June 2011. Freemuse award winner, Ferhat Tunç, has a long history …

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Turkey: Singer and politician Ferhat Tunc receives violence threats

11 May 2011

A gendarmerie commander reportedly ordered village guards to “break Ferhat Tunç’s legs” as Ferhat Tunç was starting a tour in villages in Cemisgezek/Dersim area to meet with rural inhabitants and formulate projects related to Kurdish and Aleviti issues, and the 30-year long conflict in the region. The Kurdish singer Ferhat …

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Turkey: New court case against Ferhat Tunc

30 March 2011

The pattern is well known by now. As soon as the Kurdish-Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç has been acquitted, a new court case is being opened against him. The Turkish courts appear to be ‘copy-pasting’ cases against the popular singer, and the agenda is allegedly to intimidate and silence him. Ferhat …

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Music Freedom Day: Meanwhile in Turkey, musicians are persecuted

3 March 2011

“Music Freedom Day — what freedom? You said musicians would be free? They prosecute us for our words when we speak, and for our songs when we sing,”says Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunç. He wrote this article to Freemuse as a personal comment to the Music Freedom Day initiative on 3 …

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