Freemuse: Manu Chao supports Freemuse campaign

28 August 2012

  “Freedom of expression is important to anyone and we must fight for it. I am supporting the work of Freemuse and I’m here to help,” says singer Manu Chao in a comment to the current Freemuse campaigns for persecuted and imprisoned musicians and composers worldwide. Headlining the Mela Festival …

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Ferhat Tunc

19 August 2009

Singer and musician Ferhat Tunç from Dersim in the Kurdish part of Turkey speaks about his personal experiences with and understanding of music censorship in Turkey   The Kurdish-Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç was born in 1964 in Turkey’s most eastern region, Dersim. His music has been censored in Turkey, and he …

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Ferhat Tunc

15 January 2007

Singer and composer (Turkey)   “In total, if you add all the court cases against me, that will add up to 10 and a half years imprisonment – if they all come to pass. But in spite of all this censorship, we continue to sing, we continue to express our …

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USA: Stephan Smith-Said

6 December 2006

Stephan Smith-Said is an Iraqi American songwriter whose father’s family lives under the daily threat of bombing in Baghdad and Mosul. In this interview he speaks about the importance of music and of fighting music censorship – inspired by his attendance at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference in Istanbul in …

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Freemuse Award 2010: Winners honoured in London

29 March 2010

  Freemuse Award winners 2010: Ferhat Tunç, with the award statuette created by Swedish glass designer Göran Wärff, and Mahsa Vahdat.   Mahsa Vahdat and Ferhat Tunç, the joint winners of the Freemuse Award 2010, gave a short and impressive performance at the Index Awards ceremony in London’s Royal Institute …

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Freemuse Award winners 2010: Mahsa Vahdat and Ferhat Tunc

25 March 2010

Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat and Turkish-Kurdish singer and activist Ferhat Tunç are the 2010 Freemuse Award winners. The artist will receive the award at a ceremony in London on 25 March. Mahsa Vahdat fra Iran and Ferhat Tunç from Turkey are well-known to many Freemuse associates. They are strong defenders of …

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Press release: Freemuse Award winners 2010: Mahsa Vahdat and Ferhat Tunc

22 March 2010

Mahsa Vahdat from Iran and Ferhat Tunç from Turkey are well-known to many Freemuse associates. They are strong defenders of freedom of musical expression and well-known to audiences in Europe, where their music – unlike in their home countries – can be performed without restrictions. The Award Committee stated: “Mahsa …

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How Music Freedom Day 2009 was observed in Stockholm

4 March 2009

Two seminars and concert in Stockholm became a beautiful, yet serious and powerful manifestation for musicians’ human rights Click on the audio link on the right… and while you listen, take a look at the photos below. This will give you an idea of what the Freemuse award ceremony in …

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Turkey abuse laws to punish artists challenging authorities

20 June 2014

Law suits, arrests, threats and banning orders, these are all dangers that artists in Turkey who touch on sensitive issues face today. This is pointed out by the UPR submission that Freemuse, Siyah Bant and the Initiative for Freedom of Expression has forwarded to the UN. The Turkish Anti Terror …

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