China/ USA: American folk singer agreed to Chinese censorship

11 April 2011

  The 69-year-old American folk singer Bob Dylan, famous for his songs against injustice and for civil rights, agreed to perform in China only with a heavily censored list of songs — which caused an uproar in his home country. On 6 April 2011, Bob Dylan stood on the stage …

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Egypt: Musician in the firing line of the Arab Spring

6 April 2011

  His songs were inspired by the experiences he had in the eye of the revolutionary hurricane on Tahrir Square. The events gave Ramy Essam the reputation as one of North Africa’s new musical revolution heroes, and the Western media have proclaimed him to be ‘Egypt’s Bob Dylan’. By Mik …

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US school talent show draws Secret Service

12 November 2004

U.S. school talent show draws Secret Service – Parents and students say they are outraged and offended by a proposed band name and song scheduled for a high school talent show in Boulder this evening, but members of the band, named Coalition of the Willing, said the whole thing is …

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1960s USA, Canada

1 January 2001

1964. USA. Johnny Cash Johnny Cash was concerned with the plight of Native Americans, and produced a series of records about their condition. The song ‘The Ballad of Ira Hayes’ became a top ten country hit. It tells the story of Ira Hayes – a Pima Indian who was one of …

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