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The #Istanbul Heavy Penal Court No.37 issued an arrest warrant against musician #FerhatTunç (@ferhatttunc) for “spreading terrorist propaganda” through his #socialmedia accounts, before the closing of the #investigation.

Read Tunç's statement here ➡️

Ferhat Tunç: “I want democracy, human rights and freedoms to win”

An arrest warrant was issued against musician Ferhat Tunç for "spreading terrorist propaganda"before the closing of the investigation.

Band #ChaosExperience has been banned from #MortonStanleyFestival because the song about #Brexit - ‘Britain is Dead’. Redditch Borough Council banned the band before their performance on the main #stage and deemed it to be “too #political”.

Local band banned from festival for having three minute Brexit song (called Britain is Dead)

A LOCAL band have been banned from performing at this year's Morton Stanley Festival after allegedly being called a 'political risk'.

It's been over 500 days since Galal El-Behairy was free. Find out more about his case, and why we continue to urge Egypt to #FreeGalal, via @englishpen: illustration via @channeldraw

Ahead of the 35th session of the #UniversalPeriodicReview, #Freemuse filed five reports to the UN’s official mechanism for reviewing the human rights record of all member states. It will take place in January 2020 at the UN #HumanRightsCouncil in #Geneva.

Freemuse calls for action on freedom of expression with five UPR reports

Ahead of the 35th UPR session, Freemuse filed five reports to the UN’s official mechanism for reviewing the human rights record of all member st...

Ugandan musician #ZiggyWine has died on 4 August 2019 as a result of injuries sustained after being abducted and tortured.
#Freemuse calls for credible investigation on the death of Ugandan #musician.

Freemuse calls for credible investigation into death of Ziggy Wine

Ugandan musician Ziggy Wine has died on 4 August 2019 as a result of injuries sustained after being abducted and tortured reports BBC Africa.

With the beginning of the @CopenhagenPride 2019, #Freemuse spotlights the #LGBTI #artisticcommunity. We stand by the LGBTI #artists and their right to the freedom of #artisticexpression and will continue to monitor and report on the cases of violations.

Pride Week spotlight: Artistic freedom in LGBTI communities - Freemuse

In 2019, LGBTI artists and art continue to be at greater risk when it comes to expressing themselves artistically.

#SouthSudan President Salva Kiir has passed an order banning #singing of the Sudanese national anthem in his absence. 👉 #freemusic #art #freedom4art

#China’s National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications has blocked popular e-book platforms over “obscene” content. It might be related to some of the #books having covers depicting #women in revealing clothing or sexual or #LGBTI content.

China: 30 million users blocked from popular e-book platforms•Freemuse

China’s National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications has blocked three popular e-book platforms over “obscene” co...

Award-winning Iranian #filmmaker #MohammadRasoulof has been #sentenced to one year in prison for “spreading propaganda” against the #Islamic republic. The sentencing relates to the content of Rasoulof’s #films.

Iran: Filmmaker imprisoned for 'spreading propaganda'•Freemuse

Award-winning Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof has been sentenced to one year in prison for "spreading propaganda" against the Islamic republic...

Members of the #Myanmar thangyat troupe Daung Doh Myo Sat (#PeacockGeneration) have been imprisoned for a #performance in which they donned military dress.

Sign our #petition and together with #Freemuse, call for the release of the #artists here ➡️

Sign the petition to release Peacock Generation from prison

Members of the Myanmar thangyat troupe Daung Doh Myo Sat (Peacock Generation) have been imprisoned for a performance in which they donned military dre...

I have a date with tomorrow
But, man, I am in prison
I would love to see you tomorrow
So will you visit me, if only in my dreams?

Read and share Galal's latest poem, written from Tora Prison, Egypt. #FreeGalal

Our deep condolences to the Kyoto creative community in the wake of the KyoAni studio fire, which killed 33 people. #PrayForKyoaniが世界に拡散

@AtRiskArtists @emavioglu @Freemuse98 @IPHR @IFEX @IndexCensorship Sadly the news is worse: they got an additional 18 months for having carried out the 'crime' through press & broadcast that automatically increases the sentence by 50% = 4.5 years in total.....

Yesterday, #Bakur directors #CayanDemirel and @emavioglu were sentenced to 3 years in prison each. This is grave and appalling news for freedom of artistic expression in Turkey. #DefendBakur
#KeepFilmsOutOfCourt @Freemuse98 @IPHR @IFEX @IndexCensorship

Writer Shakthika Sathkumara has been detained in Sri Lanka for more than three months after publishing a short story on Facebook. His next hearing is due to take place on 23 July. He could face up to 10 years in prison. #FreeShakthika #SriLanka @SLcampaign

Open call for artistic residency in Paris starting January 2020 by Cité internationale des arts! @citedesarts

Apply here:

.@ISM_music is running a #survey to find out more about the experiences of #musicians from non-EU/EEA countries visiting the #UK to #perform #music.
The survey is strictly confidential.

The survey is running until Friday 30 August.

Musicians visiting the UK to perform (from non-EEA countries)

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