USA: Stephan Smith-Said

Stephan Smith-Said is an Iraqi American songwriter whose father’s family lives under the daily threat of bombing in Baghdad and Mosul. In this interview he speaks about the importance of music and of fighting music censorship – inspired by his attendance at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference in Istanbul in November 2006.


Stephan Smith-Said describes himself as a “travelling troubadour”. He is a multi-talented musician – singer, violinist and composer – and a dedicated political activist. The New York publication The Village Voice called him the “heir apparent to Woody Guthrie.” His newest single, ‘Another World Is Possible’, has been released for free at his website:

The video clip also contains short statements by Kaiser Abdurusul, a PhD student from East Turkistan, about the life and death of musician Kurash Sultan, and by Sanar Yurdatapan, a composer and human rights activist from Turkey who took part in organising the conference.
More information about Kurash SultanThe video interview – as well as the additional clips from the conference – was recorded by Mik Aidt assisted by Gaëlle Gauthier-Brown on 27 November 2006. Signature music: Jason Carter recorded live at the conference.&
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