UAE: Heavy metal concert cancelled

27 October 2015

The Belgian Death Metal band Aborted have been forced to cancel their upcoming concert in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The band’s concert was going to take place on 30 November 2015 at The Music Room, but due to complaints about the band’s lyrics, themes and videos, the government allegedly ordered …

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UAE: Lady Gaga concert censored to respect culture

21 May 2014

A planned Lady Gaga concert in Dubai in September will be censored to respect cultural traditions, Reuters reported. The article was published in Ahram in Egypt, United Arab Emirates Daily Gulf News, and more. » See on

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United Arab Emirates: MTV Arabia refrain from playing music videos

1 September 2008

The Middle East’s new youth entertainment and lifestyle tv-channel MTV Arabia announced on 20 August 2008 that it will mark the holy month Ramadan by refraining from music videos. Some call it “religious censorship over music videos”. Others appreciate the tv-channel’s sensitivity to the solemnity of the Islamic month of …

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United Arab Emirates: American hit song banned

20 August 2008

An American hit song receiving airplay in the United Arab Emirates provokes controversy and has been banned from radio stations in Dubai for containing lyrics that “depict sexuality, lesbianism and promiscuity”, reported the daily newspaper Gulf News In 2007, American singer Katy Perry’s debut single, ‘UR So Gay’, generated some …

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United Arab Emirates: Popular music website blocked

17 August 2006 – rated as the third most popular website in the world – has been blocked in the United Arab Emirates, causing many grievances amongst Dubai’s internet savvy, reports the Dubai newspaper 7 Days is an interactive website which offers a user-submitted network of band and artist profiles, including …

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United Arab Emirates: Satellite music channel bans “demeaning songs”

7 October 2004

The Arab satellite music channel Nogoom has decided to ban the airing of songs that are classified as ”inappropriate for the average viewers” and which contain seductive scenes and females wearing revealing outfits     The censorship committee officials at the network revealed that “broadcasting such demeaning songs goes against …

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