Algeria: Attack on famous raï singer’s concert thwarted

14 December 2015

According to Morocco World News, Alarabiya and other media, Algerian authorities are searching for three terrorists who attempted to target Annaba Theatre, a theatre in the north-eastern city of Annaba, where raï singer Cheb Khaled was performing on 9 December 2015. A separate report by Russia Today cited Algerian media sources as …

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USA/Algeria: Heavy metal music keeps stirring up controversy

14 September 2015

Heavy metal bands continue to face bans and controversies around the world. In the United States, two scheduled concerts with an Australian deathcore group have been cancelled. In Algeria, heavy metal fans have been accused of Satanism in a tv programme, causing an uproar in social media. Whenever and wherever …

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Algeria: Moroccan songs banned from radio airwaves

2 September 2015

According to Morrocco World News and other sources, the Algerian news website Algerie Patriotique reported that local radio stations in July 2015 found in their headquarters a note from the General Directorate of National Radio that read: “We’d like to bring to your attention that all the Moroccan songs are …

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Algeria: Singer imprisoned for song which mocks police

2 May 2013

29-year-old Algerian raï singer Cheb Fayçal appeared in court before the Attorney General in Oran on 2 May 2013 where he was sentenced to six months in prison. He is prosecuted for having performed a song that poked fun at the police and mentions the name of its top official, …

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Algeria: Call for the respect of freedom of artistic expression

21 May 2012

“Algerian intellectuals, journalists, cultural activists, artists and writers ring the alarm and request from the Ministry of Culture to lift its control over the cultural sector and let the independent/civil cultural artistic stakeholders undertake their projects freely…” Algerian artists and intellectuals launched this petition for freedom of expression, published by El Watan …

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Cheb Hasni – الشاب حسني: ذاكرة الرومانسية العربية

26 September 2011

    سعيد خطيبي رغم مرور سبعة عشرة سنة على رحيل أمير أغنية الراي العاطفية الشاب حسني، إلا أن ذكرى الرجل وأعماله الفنية ما تزال تشكل جزءا لا يتجزأ من يوميات الجزائريين.. الأربعاء 28 سبتمبر 1994، في حدود الساعة السابعة مساء.. التقى الشاب حسني، بالقرب من بوابة المحطة الجهوية للتلفزيون …

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Algeria: Matoub court case loaded with contradictions

1 August 2011

  On 18 July 2011, the criminal court in Tizi Ouzou, 100 kilometres east of Algiers, finally judged the two alleged perpetrators of the assassination of Algerian singer Lounès Matoub to 12 years in prison. Having already served close to the full sentence while in costudy, they will be released …

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Matoub Loun

26 July 2011

Matoub Lounès: Procès et contradictions Saïd Khatibi Le tribunal criminel de Tizi Ouzou (à 100 Km à l’est d’Alger) a enfin condamné les deux auteurs présumés de l’assassinat du chanteur algérien engagé Matoub Lounès à 12 ans de réclusion criminelle couverte par leur détention préventive. Ayant déjà purgé prés de …

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Algeria: New trial for the murder of singer Matoub

12 July 2011

A trial about the murder of the singer Lounès Matoub on 25 June 1998 is scheduled to open on 18 July 2011 in the criminal court in Tizi Ouzou. Lounès Matoub (often credited as Matoub Lounès in French sources) was one of the most well-known Berber singers in Algeria when …

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Algeria: Death threats did not silence rapper Solo Montana

1 June 2011

  In 2008, the young Algerian rapper Solo Montana stopped performing, left Algeria and took refuge in Canada after he had received death threats against his family in the end of 2007 because of his song-writing. Solo Montana also suffered several incidents of harassment following his outspokeness and daring to …

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7 April 2010

Sorted alphabetical by author’s first name: Somalia: Music ban on radio stations was expected On 3 April 2010, the commander for Hisbul Islam in Mogadishu issued a 10-day ultimatum to radio stations to stop broadcasting music or face Sharia-based penalties By Abdulkadir M. Wa’ays 07 April 2010 Somalia: Music suppressor …

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Algeria: Rabah Donquishoot

14 May 2007

Rabah is a musician and rapper who has produced a ‘Music Freedom Day’ signature song for Freemuse together with his group MBS and rappers around the world. In this interview he speaks about music censorship in Algeria and about the role of the Algerian musician Matoub Lounes who was assassinated …

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Algeria/France: Rai outlaw dies

18 May 2006

The Algerian legendary raï music star, Cheikha Rimitti, passed away on May 15 in Paris, 83 years old Cheikha Rimitti has a 60-year track record in Algeria as an outlaw for singing songs openly encouraging women to have and enjoy sex, with lyrics so plain-talk frank they’d still send the …

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Algeria / France: Souad Massi – exiled voice of Algeria

17 January 2006

Algerian singer and guitarist Souad Massi is a celebrity with a growing global following. Her music was banned in Algeria which she fled in 1999 33-year-old singer Souad Massi grew up in Algiers, part of a musical family, and learned to play guitar during the violent years of the civil …

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The Rebel (Rebelle)

19 December 2005

  About the Algerian singer Lounès Matoub who was assassinated in 1998 Directed by Mokrane Hammar  70 minutes Algeria. 2005 Read more…  

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Algerian rai musician: Censorship on political songs in the West

10 March 2005

Algerian musician and rai music rebel Rachid Taha has told BBC World Service that he believes Western radio stations are more restrictive in what music they play than their counterparts in the Middle East, because they refrain from airing political songs.   Algerian musician and rai rebel Rachid Taha has …

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Algeria: Matoub Lounès and the struggle for Berber identity in Algeria

1 October 2004

Guerilla of pop: Matoub Lounès and the struggle for Berber identity in Algeria by Andy Morgan Read about the legendary Berber singer Matoub Lounès who was assasinated on 25 June 1998.  These 21 pages in A4-format is a chapter in the book ‘Shoot the Singer! Music Censorship Today’ (Freemuse/Zed Books, May 2004). Reproduced with …

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France/Algeria: Mehdi Haddab

25 November 2002

Mehdi Haddab, musician (France/Algeria). Interviewed at WOMEX 2002, October ’02 by Jim Q. Holm (Freemuse)   Mehdi Haddab, what can you tell us about music censorship? Watch interview      

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Algeria: Rapper sentenced 10 years imprisonment in absentia

1 January 2001

On 3 November 2010, the Criminal Court in Chlef, 200 kilometres west of Algiers, sentenced an Algerian expatriate in absentia to 10 years imprisonment because he has produced a rap song which is insulting the country’s president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The song is called ‘Nique Bouteflika’ which means ‘Fuck Bouteflika’. In …

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1900-1949 Middle East, North Africa

1 January 2001

100s. Israel / Palestine Instruments were essentially banished from the synagogue after the destruction of the Second Temple, a ban which served as both a sign of national mourning and a bid to dissuade Jews from listening to secular music.The ban largely remained in place for another 1,500 years or …

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1950-1969 Middle East, North Africa

1 January 2001

1950. Egypt. Belly dance Historically speaking, dancing and sex have had a long and sordid affair. During the 1950s, belly-dancing was forbidden in Egypt because of its perceived lewdness. 1965. Israel. The Beatles British super group The Beates were due to play a gig in Israel in 1965, but were …

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1990s Middle East, North Africa

1 January 2001

1990s. Algeria. Souad Massi Souad Massi was threatened and censored for her political stance in her native country. Now she makes music from her self-imposed exile in Paris continuing the fight for the rights of women and Berber in Algeria. 1994. Iran. Marzieh A sharp voice of political dissent and …

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Algeria: Cheb Hasni – popular rai hero assassinated

1 January 2001

The case of Algerian Raï-musician Cheb Hasni He was an idol worshipped by an entire generation of Algerian teenagers. In 1994, the 26-year-old Raï star Cheb Hasni was gunned down outside his home in Oran He was cut down at the height of his fame. Returning home from a recording …

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