Australia: Transgender musician bashed in Sydney live music venue

15 June 2015

Sydney musician Stephanie McCarthy was allegedly bashed in Newtown’s Town Hall Hotel on 12 June 2015 as she was waiting to go on stage to perform with her band, Love Maul. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Stephanie McCarthy was approached by five males who began to verbally and physically …

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Australian hour on The Pulse around Music Freedom Day

2 March 2014

Music Freedom Day on 94.7 The Pulse in Geelong, Australia, on 3 March 2014 from 11am to noon. » Listen to the programme: 128kbps (normal mp3) – 32kbps (low res mp3) “Today, 3rd of March, is Music Freedom Day – a global event which is marked in around 20 countries around …

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Austria: Museum of sound preserves banned music

2 June 2010

The Akustikon Museum of Sound in Linz, Austria, has opened a special section dedicated to preserving banned music, entitled ‘The Polyphon (II) Forbidden Sounds’. The Polyphon (II) Forbidden Sounds holds music whose creators have been branded, driven away, oppressed, banned and persecuted in different times and places under ‘multifarious’ dictatorships …

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Australia: Controversy over race-hate music festival

20 April 2010

On 17 April 2010 a white supremacy group in Queensland organised a race-hate music festival on the Gold Coast. The city’s mayor, Ron Clarke, as well as multicultural community groups said that the best defence to such marginal, fanatical groups would be a deaf ear. When flyers for a white pride music …

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Australia: Didgeridoo concert cancelled

30 May 2007

A concert featuring Australia’s most renowned didgeridoo player William Barton was cancelled in Broome after local Aboriginal leaders said that the instrument was “taboo” in the town, and that taking the ancient instrument into the classical genre was “disrespectful”, reported several Australian newspapers _______________________________________________        William Barton   On 22 …

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Australia: Rock band self-censored over fear of influencing trial

7 May 2007

The Australian rock band Powderfinger changed the lyrics to one of its songs on its forthcoming album over fears it could prejudice an upcoming court case – or over fears of legal complaint An Aboriginal 36-year-old man, Mulrunji Doomadgee, died in custody on Palm Island in north Queensland in 2004, …

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1 December 2006

           Killer “acted out” Eminem song A teenager who acted out the brutal lyrics of a song by controversial rapper Eminem has been jailed for life. Story from BBC    Freemusepedia main page       Related reading Spirit of Wikipedia: Continously under construction This ‘Freemusepedia’ is based on …

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Australia: New censorship codes imposed

1 March 2004

Australia: New censorship codes imposed Editorial on how the Federal Government has over-reacted to a tiny protest group’s complaints about song lyrics. In February 2004 the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) announced on its website the first two artists to be classified Level 3 under the new code. The sticker on the …

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New code Down Under

13 November 2002

Australians under 18 years old could soon be barred from purchasing CDs by artists such as Eminem, the Rolling Stones, and Tori Amos Story from BBC     Related reading   Australia: Controversy over race-hate music festival When a white supremacy group in Queensland organised a race-hate music festival on …

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1970s Australia

1 January 2001

1979. Australia. Marianne Faithfull Heathcote Williams’ infamous ode to sexual jealousy, ‘Why’d Ya Do It?’, was banned in Australia in Marianne Faithfull’s interpretation. As the last track on the album ‘Broken English’released in 1979, ‘Why D’Ya Do It?’ was a caustic response to a lover’s betrayal set to a grinding …

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