Zambia: Hounded singer remains defiant

13 January 2017

Singer Pilato was one of the few artists to step into the political arena to denounce the clampdown and the ongoing tenure of a beleaguered presidency.

  by Phoenix Gauthier, Freemuse correspondent On 11 August 2016, incumbent Zambian president Edgar Lungu squeezed out a controversial victory in the general elections, taking 50.35% of the votes. In the months that followed, Zambia experienced its worst attacks on press freedom in years. Three of its media outlets were …

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Zambia: Singer Pilato detained and prosecuted for song about president

11 June 2015

In Zambia, the popular satirical singer Pilato (real name: Chama Fumba) is being prosecuted because of a song he wrote, entitled ‘Alungu Anabwela’. Officials said the song defamed President Edgar Lungu by accusing him of drinking too much and being incompetent. Police said that the song could “provoke public clashes”. …

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Zambia: Censorship row over song that encourages child sexual abuse

14 February 2014

Lyrics of a hit song which border on encouraging sex with an under-age was condemned in a press statement by the Children’s News Agency and as a consequence, the song ‘Kanselele’ was banned on several radio stations. Unrelated to the row over Krummy’s hit song ‘Kanselele’, a few weeks later, …

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Zambia: Musicians blacklisted because they refuse to pay bribes

3 June 2008

“Many musicians have their music blacklisted because they refuse to pay bribes,” the Zambian reggae musician Maiko Zulu told BBC News on 30 May 2008. Many of his own songs are censored by radio stations because of their lyrics. Maiko Zulu (real name: Michael Somanje Zulu) is best known in …

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List of banned songs in Zambia 2004

5 January 2005

A few Zambian artists gained further popularity in 2004 by releasing controversial songs, but several artists learned a tough lesson when songs with “vulgar language” were banned by local radio stations and condemned publicly. “Opinion” in Times of Zambia supported the censorship. Story from 1 Story from 2 …

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