Angola: Rapper Luaty Beirão sentenced to over five years in prison

30 March 2016

On 28 March 2016, the prominent Angolan rapper Luaty Beirão was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison for planning a rebellion against President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, reported several news sources. 34-year-old Luaty Beirão was sentenced to 5.5 years for “rebellion against the president of the republic, criminal association and …

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Angola: Rapper MCK barred from leaving the country

26 November 2015

The Angolan immigration services have barred the rapper MCK from leaving Luanda’s International Airport. He was invited to perform at a rap festival in Brazil on 26 November 2015, reported Rafael Marques de Morais from Angola. Immigration officials told MCK that they had ‘superior orders’ to prevent him from leaving …

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Angola: Freemuse calls for immediate release of detained rapper

16 October 2015

On 15 October 2015, the 33-year-old Angolan rapper Luaty Beirão entered his fourth week of hunger strike in protest of his detention without trial since June – along with 14 other opposition activists accused of ‘rebellion’ and of seeking to ‘attack the president’. Freemuse holds the Angolan authorities responsible for …

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Angola: Rapper arrested for drug smuggling: ‘I was framed’

16 July 2012

Luaty Beirão, a popular Angolan rapper known by the artist name Ikonoklasta, has been beaten up, arrested, his house broken into, his girlfriend kidnapped, and his family has been terrorised with anonymous death threats. On 11 June 2012, he was arrested again – this time at Portela Airport in the …

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Angola: Rappers beaten up before manifestation

26 March 2012

Six musicians and activists who were in a meeting to prepare for a public protest demonstration were violently attacked by unidentified aggressors. The episode was just one of more violent attacks on musicians and other activist during the days that lead up to the demonstrations of 10 March 2012. By …

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Angola: Two rappers among group of protestors arrested

7 September 2011

Two rappers are among 24 youth activists who were put in detention for having called for democratic and economic reforms in anti-government protests on 3 September 2011. The two rappers are Carbono (real name: Dionísio Casimiro) and Explosivo Mental (real name: Jeremias Aniceto). Another rapper, Brigadeiro Mata Frakuzx, has been living …

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Angola: 17 young rap musicians arrested

13 March 2011

A group of 17 young rap musicians in Luanda’s city centre who were reading poems and distributing pamphlets saying they intended to participate in an announced anti-government demonstration later that day, were held in custody by the criminal investigation police and released the following morning without any further explanations, reported …

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7 April 2010

Sorted alphabetical by author’s first name: Somalia: Music ban on radio stations was expected On 3 April 2010, the commander for Hisbul Islam in Mogadishu issued a 10-day ultimatum to radio stations to stop broadcasting music or face Sharia-based penalties By Abdulkadir M. Wa’ays 07 April 2010 Somalia: Music suppressor …

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Angola: When the people’s silence speaks

1 March 2004

Here is a rare, detailed description of the present situation for a number of underground hip-hop artists in Angola, written by the Angolan journalist Rafael Marques. The article features an interview with the 22-year-old rapper MCK. “Music has no place in the grand scheme of politics in Angola. Especially not …

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