Zimbabwe: Duo have to come back to court in June

7 May 2008
A Harare magistrate has remanded out of custody two musicians who are facing charges of singing songs that are ‘sensitive’. The Magistrate told a court full of relatives and friends of the deadlocked duo of Happison Mabika (32) and Patience Takaona (28) that they would have to come back to court again on 11 June 2008.

By Sebastian Nyamhangambiri
reporting for Freemuse from Harare

Outside the court room Happison Mabika said the pending legal issue was affecting his career in music:

”We had planned to start working on a video but I have not been able to do that as my mind is not settled – I have tried but I find it difficult to concentrate,” he said.

“But I know we shall prevail. It is just a rough path that we are passing through – my mind always tells me. I sometimes fear but I know I have done nothing illegal.”

Charles Kwaramba, the lawyer for the duo, said he would not challenge the remand ruling:

”For strategic reasons we are not going to challenge it or call for a trial date. We will not be in a hurry,” said Kwaramba in an interview with Freemuse after the court.

Five days imprisonment and a possible custodial sentence has not deterred the two Zimbabwean protest singers from continuing to sell their new album, but they have had to go into hiding.



Happison Mabika

Patience Takaona

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