USA: Rap artists blacklisted in Las Vegas casinos

16 February 2006

Las Vegas sheriff Bill Young backed by Nevada’s Gaming Control Board has declared war on gangster rap in casinos and their nightclubs, writes a Las Vegas blogger who labels it “a crusade against hip hop”

The gaming regulator board warned the Las Vegas casino operators that their privileged licenses could be revoked for such vague reasons as tarnishing the reputation of Nevada’s gaming industry. “With billions at stake in these licenses this all but guarantees that no casino will risk holding a concert or after party by a big name rapper,” writes Richard Abowitz in his Las Vegas blog, “The Movable Buffet”. He believes the warning is nonsense and amounts to censorship.


Stavros Anthony, a Metropolitan Police captain who is also a regent at the University of Nevada, wanted to take the anti-rap campaign further. He pushed a proposal to ban all rap concerts from the school’s facilities, which include the 18,000-seat Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. On March 17, the board of regents rejected the measure as unconstitutional.



LA Times – Las Vegas blog – 14 Februar 2006:
‘Las Vegas Casinos Warned to Ban Rappers’

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