USA: Disney criticised for stopping heavy metal concerts

11 October 2007
“Why has the heavy metal genre now been labeled ‘inflammatory’ and their fans ‘undesirable’ at House of Blues venues in Anaheim and Orlando?,” asks Machine Head’s Robb Flynn in a blog commentary.

About a month ago, the heavy metal band Machine Head were told that their concert at The House Of Blues in Anaheim, California (which is on Disney property) – after tickets having been on sale for six weeks – was going to be moved on two days notice “because Disney had begun silently enacting a blanket policy to eliminate all heavy metal shows from the two House of Blues venues that reside on Disney property,” writes Robb Flynn in his blog-commentary on Headbangers’ Blog.

The House of Blues is a chain of venues that have been a home for live music of all genres since 1992.

Robb Flynn continues:
“Now, of course, no one would go on record about exactly what Disney’s brand new issue(s) with metal seemed to be (understandably so). But the ‘unofficial’ gist is that metal lyrics were deemed ‘inflammatory’ and metal fans deemed ‘undesirable’.”

Other sources say that the reason behind the cancellation is said to be the band’s “violent imagery, objectionable fans and seditious lyrics”. Robb Flynn believes the ban is politically motivated, since certain heavy metal bands apparently will still be allowed to perform at the House of Blues. He asks in his commentary: Does it have something to do with the fact that metal lyrics says what most other media is afraid to say?

“As much as I might want to dismiss the notion that there is a degree of suppression involved here, I just can’t shake that word ‘inflammatory’. What exactly are metal bands supposedly inciting with our lyrics: Free thought? The idea that our government might not always be working in our best interest? Comprehension of the corruptive force of organized religion? Have things really gotten so bad here in this country that the mere possible mention of these issues is now enough to remove potential ‘offenders’ from the table outright”



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Headbangers’ Blog – 10 October 2007:
‘Guest Blog: Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Talks Censorship’

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